Since my postings have been sporatic and inconsistent, I figured I owed the loyals another Hottest Hoops Wife edition posting, since they always seem to be in demand. Although this one might not surprise people, it does have a little significant. Yes, our favourite little French point guard Tony has gotten hitched to Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria. No Surprise there at all! But, the real shocker is the upgrade our man TP made. To jump from A to B would be an understatement. This transition is like going from living in poverty to Beverly Hills. Check out Tony’s old digs and his new!



Wife Eva Longoria

Wife Eva Longoria

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Well it’s been a pretty whacked out season so far. Firstly, remember the first couple weeks of the season when we all couldn’t stop talking about the Atlanta Hawks? I remember when I was looking at Piston games to attend, I was looking at the Lakers, Celtics, Rockets..and Hawks. I think I would have rethought everything back then (I ended up seeing the Bulls thanks to some amazing seats!-and a lack of depth in the December schedule). Do I even need to talk about the Celtics? I’ll pass

The Lakers. With Bynum now out for a while, they’re back to square one. People with Lamar Odom on their fantasy teams are likely ecstaticed about the injury, while true Lakers fans are already thinking they need to make a move before the trade deadline. Has anyone heard of Shaq? His name does keep popping up in trade rumours lately, but how about the Diesel going back to LA? That would be a reality show on its own. Regardless, the Lakers, as good as they are with or without Bynum, need to make something happen in order to upgrade last year’s playoff team.

The Clippers just plain out suck.

Watch out for the Nuggets. There couldn’t be a more scary team when everyone is healthy, but they are easily the highest injury risk team in the league. If K-Mart or Nene land half akwardly, the team’s season is done-regardless of how stellar my main man Chauncey B has been playing.

I always like to say the Spurs are a ‘has-been’ team, but really, they never come out until it counts…the PLAYOFFS! They truly are a playoff team and no one should ever count them out, whether they are a 1 seed or 8 seed. I would hate to be the Lakers (likely will be the number 1 seed in the west) playing the Spurs in the first round (but what a series that would be!).

I don’t know why I’m even mentioning this, but how damn good is Jeff Green. I guess when your one of two good players on the crappiest team in the league, your talent sticks out, but easily my favourite for Most Improved.

OJ and Rose are two incredible rookies. I enjoy watching OJ play now more than I did watching him play at USC-especially with his early exit from the tourny. College Basketball anyone? Speaking of Rose though, the Bulls will likely pull the trigger on a trade very soon. Kirk Heinrich will be gone and make a solid point guard for another team. They’ve got a lot of young talent still and a lot of trade bait. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amare or Shawn Marion to end up in the red uniform in an arena near you.

Too much to even talk about, but….WOW what a great first half of the season!

As a fantasy die-hard, I am sure I’m only one of many that seems to be wondering “why did I pick Baron Davis?” I’m not just saying this based on his past couple games absent due to injury, but rather he has not brought enough statistical success to levels that he should have ( with the exception of turnovers haha). His averages are barely at par with his career, and he’s at a point between the prime of his career and nearing the decline stage. Essentially I’m trying to say he should not be averaging 17, 8 and 3 but rather at least 22,10 and 4. He should be a top point guard in this league, worthy of a first or second round pick in fantasy drafts (larger leagues). Unfortunately, he hasn’t proven himself worthy of anything near this consideration. Partially, his decline in productivity is due to adapting to his new environment. Davis has commented that his initial year with a new team always is less productive (as was the case in Golden State) but how can a point guard not work with the players around him. It’s not like he’s not surrounded by fantastic talent. With Marcus Camby and Zach Randolph, his assists should be in double digits. These two bigs shoot a good percentage. For many of us, we’re thinking “is there going to be an upside to good ol B Diddles?” I personally think so. I don’t think we’ll see it before the All-Star break but I do see Davis increasing production after the break when he has the full team back (Chris Kaman) and can adapt to all the main guys on the team without any absences. From a fantasy point of view, if you don’t have him on your team, this could be a good chance for you to buy low. Players in your league (like me) are disgruntled with him and might just want to get rid of him and part ways with 3-11 shooting nights. Although you might take an initial hit, this could pay much higher dividends come later in the season when it really counts!

A Great Start!

November 18, 2008

It’s been a while…ok…a long while since I’ve signed in, but I’m still here and had an itch to speak a little bit about the season that is.  Only a few weeks in and I can honestly say that it’s been pretty incredible.  The Lakers WERE perfect, Nash got suspended for getting in on a brawl (Us Canucks are pretty tough too!) and Iverson has become a Piston!  And how could I even forget to even mention the Atlanta Hawks?  I can’t get enough of these guys.  When I get home to Windsor, Ontario next month, I will be sure to pick up a pair of tickets to see the Hawks against the Pistons.  Hopefully by then AI and the Pistons will have their game figured out, because right now (ie: after watching the Suns victory) they Pistons look terrible.  Rip Hamilton looks like he will be the slowest to adapt.  A lot of fire power in that back court nonetheless.  But Atlanta…wow!  It was only a matter of time before all these guys started maturing and playing some incredibly entertaining basketball.  Joe Johnson has been a favourite of mine for a while now.  The most incredible part of their season has been that they have done it all without Josh Smith, numero uno!!!  They will be a tough team to beat, but like all teams that finally emerge, they will not have enough guys on their team with playoff experience to emerge deep in the East.  They really should pursue a few veterans to take on the leadership role.  Could you imagine a Gary Payton in that locker room?  Me neither!

But there are still the PJ Brown’s,etc.

Anyways, I’m out

Billups Will Sit

May 13, 2008

Why Would He?  Proven in game 4, the Pistons are clearly capable of taking the Magic down captain-less.  If I were head coach Flip Saunders, I would actually use this to my advantage and HOLD CHAUNCEY OUT.  Why?  Think about it.  Every year Chauncey seems to have a terrible span in the playoffs where he plays brutally, and it ends up bringing the whole team down with him.  When he plays bad, it really does have that affect on the entire team.  Some might argue that this stretched has already occurred in the first round against the 76ers, but who knows?  Back to the current situation, this could be a great way for the rest of the Pistons roster to get the Chauncey-less experience.  What if Billups comes back 100%, but he ends up being really cold?  It’s not worth the whole team being taken down too.  Let’s face it, the Pistons have 3 games to knock the Magic to the golf course.  It likely won’t even take them more than tonight’s game to do it.  Why not let Mr. Big Shot rest and recuperate, letting him come back to a  well oiled team.

Who\'s the next CP3?


After reading a recent article on ESPN about this upcoming draft class, I realized that there is likely chance that Mr. Rose out of Memphis will more than likely get the nod for the number one pick.  I say this because if you look at the NBA playoffs right now, it’s never been more crystal clear that it’s all about the guards.  Kobe, CP3, Deron Williams, Tony Parker.  I would even go to say guys like Rip Hamilton’s recent contributions and Delonte West deserve mention.  Of course, Chauncey Billups should be attached to this list automatically (Mr. Big Shot!!!) but the boys in red, white and blue proved they are resiliant without his presence.  For those that have been watching, these small guys are the most confident on the floor.  They are the guys making the right decisions, at the right time.  Coaches have shown that they can be trusted with the game winner (ie: Delonte West).  Kobe being the MVP and CP3 being second just shows the value of guards in the NBA market is strong.  As per usual, though, number one lottery picks are always big men (except Iverson) in past years.  Mike Beasley was supposed to be the unquestioned number one pick in this year’s draft.  He outperformed Kevin Durant’s stellar numbers, so what’s the big deal?  Derek Rose has emerged as a direct competitor!  How can teams pass up a chance to get the next CP3 and D. Wills?  It’s not worth letting these guys fall down to 2 or 3 or later.  I like where the GM thoughts are heading, because I know if my teamed lacked even the slightest bit in the most important position category, I’d be shopping for the perfect Rose.

Remember before the season, there were tons of rumours about Reggie Miller amongst other (Allan Houston,etc) was making a comeback.  The most “bought” rumour was that he was headed for Boston.  With the playoffs so close, I can’t help to think what his impact would have been on this team.  Although he wouldn’t see the daylight of the starting lineup, his 15-20 minutes backing up Ray Allan would be the X factor, including taking those inevitable game winning shots against Detroit.  Since the Celts did not pursue Reggie hard enough, I have to give the upper hand to the Pistons, which will be the East final.  No doubt about!  Why the Pistons?  For one, EXPERIENCE!  Paul Pierce has the most playoff experience on that Celtics roster, and it really wasn’t anything to brag about.  On the flip side, many of the Pistons have been the finals and won a championship.  I can’t see a Pistons cold streak, and I can’t see Rasheed losing his mind, or at least not more than a tech or two. The Pistons are focused, and now they have a productive bench.  I expect to see a lot more Lindsey Hunter as the younger guys will be warming up to the new environment that the playoffs bring.  I can also see a guy like Jason Maxiell truly showing his colours.  The 76ers are in for a few thunderous dunks.  But for the Pistons/Celtics East final, I say Pistons in 6!

All this talk of KG for MVP, but the real Most Valuable of the Garnett family is Brandi, Kevin’s wife!  Check her out!  Quite the fitty.


Trade Thoughts

February 18, 2008


Firstly, thanks for everyone for returning to the site.  It has been a challenge to balance my daily activities with the blog, but if there are still readers, I’m still here.  Anyways, with all the craziness going on in the league, I can’t help but put my opinion on the table.  Here we go:


At first, I thought this was a terrible move by the Suns.  Couldn’t they get more than a BIG man for Marion?  Of course, but there is obviously a little more strategy behind it.  I think a lot of the characteristics GM Steve Kerr was looking at were the intangibles that Shaq Daddy brings to the table, such as his leadership and experience.  In those two departments, it’d be hard to find anyone else in th league that can beat him there.  Additionally, Shaq obviously has his main tangible:  He’s HUGE!  The Suns can finally fill this void, and now they have someone to guard the bigs of the West.  This has been their main obstacle, which now they can overcome.  I think the best and most productive part of this trade is somewhat hidden.  Now Amare Stoudemire can shift over to his natural power forward position and just dominate.  Shaq will never get so many easy baskets.  That being said, can the Diesel stay healthy?  Unfortunately, I can’t see his big frame lasting through the entire playoffs.


This was plain out robbery.  Kudos to Lakers management for stealing Pau.  It almost seems unethical what they did, but hey, its business.  A dirty one at that.  The Lakers are just plain scary.  I don’t think anyone can consider them a sleeper pick of a team now.  Presently, they are one of the top teams in the West.  I still can’t figure out what the Griz were thinking.  There’s nothing like having a starting big 2 of Darko and Kwame.  Ouch…


Atlanta is DANGEROUS!  Although Bib wasn’t playing so well after injury, I expect his game to kick up a notch, similar to the days with a good C-Webb and Peja in Sactown.  He’s got the Josh Smiths and Joe Johnsons, and he’ll be in excellent contributor on that team.  In the grand scheme of things, the Hawks are going no where.  They have no playoff experienced players (that have gone a good distance in the post season), but if they can keep this core for some time, they’ll be one of the tops.


This will go through.  Do you think an owner as whacked out as Mark Cuban will pass on a chance to get one of the best PG’s in the league?  Of course not.  What’s he saying on his blog these days?  Probably something about computers or google.  Regardless, JKidd will be a Mav in the very near future.  For what Dallas is giving up, I consider it close to robbery as well (ok, lets get serious.  Not even as close to as bad as the Pau trade).

If you thought I quit blogging…you’re wrong!  I took a serious break though.  No excuses either.  I work, I party, I chill.  But I used to do that even when I was blogging, so again, no excuses.  It’s been quite a while since my last entry.  When I pull up my past entries, it doesn’t say “yesterday’s posting”, but rather “a while ago..” .  Once I saw that I said WHOA.  Time to put an end to this.  So, I realized I do have quite a bit on my mind about the league happenings.  Here we go:

-I know I wrote quite a few articles about Grant Hill, but wow, this guy has been putting up semi-Grant Hill-of-old numbers.  Quite impressive.  That being said, I think he’s reached his season peak, and of course, I fear of his inevitable season ending injury.  I have already traded him in one of my fantasy leagues.

-Baron Davis is one of the best players in the league, not just one of the best POINT GUARDS.  He’s finally getting some credit where it is due, but still, not enough!  This guy is on the brink of a triple double every night.  He’s leading one of the league’s best offenses, yet still probably not considered one of the league’s best.  I know in a fantasy league of 15 people, he would be in the first round.

-Dwight Howard is a monster.  The funny part is he’s only 21 (or not even?).  WOW…

 -Boston.  No one expected these guys to do this well, this early in the season.  The crazy part too is that all 3 of the BIG 3 are averaging over 20 points per game.  That being said, I STILL wouldn’t have KG as the league MVP at this rate.  Team MVP forsure, but right now I think you have to start thinking D.Howard.

-The Cavs truly are a one man team, and with LeBron out, they’re proving it.  As I’ve set before, last year was a fluke for these guys. 

-I expect Kobe to stay put for a while in L.A.  On another hand, I do expect Jason Kidd to be out of N.J. by the trade deadline.  With Andrew Bynum playing so well, it’ll be interesting to see if the Lakers can cook something up around him.  Doubt it, but who knows.

-Why is Rip Hamilton leading the league in technical fouls and not Sheed Wallace?  Weird!

That’s all folks.  I will try and keep at it as much as possible.