It’s a done deal, folks!  Our man Kevin Garnett is on his way to Beantown.  Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to have the Celtics back as a powerhouse ( even though I cheer for a different East team ).  Regardless, this type of blockbuster trade is what the NBA needed right now.  I haven’t heard Tim Donaghy’s name in 2 days!  I apologize for even bringing it up.  Now, onto the show, let’s look into the deal.  The T-Wolves get a lot of great potential, especially in Al Jefferson.  That guy’s phenomenal and is not even fully developed yet.  At the end of the day, he’s no KG.  As for the Celtics, they’re the true winners in this trade, in my opinion of course.  Firstly, I can’t get over the offensive power the Celtics have.  After many blog debates (including here on Clutch 3), I’ve come to this conclusion as to why these guys will be so success.  The Big 3 consists of one dominant post player (KG) and two perimeter players that can drive the lane (Allen and Pierce).  The primary option will be to post up KG.   With his skills, he will always require a double team.  When teams used to do that to KG, they might leave Ricky Davis or Troy Hudson open.  Now it’s a lot riskier.  What team would ever think about leaving Ray Allen open?  You’d have to be nuts.  Okay, even if they cover Allen, on the other side is Paul Pierce!  The Celtics have become a defensive nightmare for the opposition.  The best part about the Big 3 are the egos.  They aren’t young anymore and they are going to be focused on winning.  I guarantee any of the Big 3 will give up the ball if the other is open, even though it might not paten their stats.  Also, these guys aren’t old either.  People who say KG is out of his prime are crazy.  He’s still has years to go.  I really back Danny Ainge’s move in the front offices and send him my sincere KUDOS!


Alright, so Kevin Garnett might be a Celtic. Firstly…wow!  Did any of you seriously see this coming?  It quite possibly will go through today.  I hope it does.  The fans and the league need this.  I need this!  Okay, so lets take a closer look.  The deal mostly comes down to KG and Al Jefferson.  Sure, Gerald Green might turn into a decent player in best case scenario, or he could be the next Fred Jones.  Sebastian Telfair…meh?  Theo Ratliff’s career is practically over, so as I said, it comes down to Al Jefferson.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Al Jefferson is going to be a star.  Mark my words, he will!  But what it really comes down to, is whether he will be the next KG?  Not even the slightest chance.  KG is in a league of his own.  With the Celtics, he’d actually have a legitimate chance to win a championship, where before, I already considered him one of the greatest players in league history that never won a championship.  Can you ever see Al Jefferson reaching this level?  Most will argue he is still young, which is fair.  But lets be practical.  It’s not happening, and the Celtics will come out on top of this trade.  Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett….wow!

With these three guys, anything less than a championship would be a dissappointment

NBA’s Greatest Fights

July 29, 2007

With such terrible happenings in the NBA going on, it seemed that this video was appropriate, if ever, right now!

This is where you’ll see:

-Barkley throwing the ball at Shaq

-Shawn Bradley just gets thrown around on many occasions, including getting body slammed.  What a loser.

-Jeff Van Gundy getting kicked around like a soccer ball.  I still almost fall over laughing at this one.

-You’ll get a good dose of my man Sheed.

-Rodman getting in the Mail Man’s head.  Gotta love the mind games.

-And of course, Vince almost starting WW3.

-Absent is the Malice at the Palace (I know, how can you leave out the single greatest brawl in league history).

Check it out:


What is with NBA players getting robbed these days?  This is pretty scary stuff.  It makes logical sense.  These guys are extremely wealthy.  The odds are, they keep a lot of cash on hand, and apparently not very securely.  They seem like targets.  It’s unfortunate, but couldn’t you see it happening again?  Think about when someone like LeBron goes out to a club.  He’s probably packing some serious cash in his pockets.  Then again, LeBron probably has security twice his size.  But an NBA player on a lesser scale, such as Eddy Curry is a probable target.  These guys are making millions upon million of dollars, and they are not taking the proper measures to secure it.  What would it cost to have a body guard walk around with you, or even put a security alarm system in your house, or even cameras for crying out loud. I haven’t heard of the police in Chicago catching these guys, or any leads, so they just might get away with the whole scam.  The big losers are Curry and his family.  That’s a pretty traumatizing experience.  Hopefully other players and celebrities learn from these unfortunate incidents.


I’m sure you’re all aware of Agent Zero’s newest activity to pass time.  He is attempting to knock down 100,000 shots in 73 days.  If you think about it, that’s over 3 months of shooting and over 1300 shots per day.  That’s a lot for the average Joe like myself.  I probably could throw up 100 shots, make 30 of them, and then go take a two hour nap.  But then again, we are talking about one of the best players in the NBA.  This guy is brilliant.  Why I think GA’s challenge is amazing, is because it shows this guy truly loves the game.  Sure, he makes a lot of money.  When  your that good, you’re going to make a lot of money.  But it’s the off season right now, and he is showing that he loves the game of basketball.   You don’t see other stars doing something of this sort for “fun”.  This is fun for GA.  Besides that, if you have ever read his blog, the guy tells it like it is.  He’s not like most NBA stars that is careful what he says and holds a lot of stuff back.  He will tell everyone who takes the time to read, everything that is on his mind.  And at the end of the day, who doesn’t love watching this guy play?  He’s brilliant!



Alright, so I’m sure a lot of you are like me.  Right now, you’re thinking that everything going on with the NBA is so boring.  How much more can we drag on the Tim Donaghy situation.  Other than that, all the good free agents are off the market, and there’s just nothing exciting for NBA fans to look at.  That is why I purpose this:

“Summer Slam”

Summer Slam would be similar to all-star weekend, except there wouldn’t be any voting.  It would be optional for all players.  It would consist of all the All-star Saturday night festivities: including a dunk contest, 3-pointer contest, skills challenge, and a street ball game.  This is a great idea because it gives NBA fans something to get excited about.  Inevitably, most of the good all-star type players will not take part, that’s why the hype around the all-star break during the season is second to none.  But think about all those young players, within their first 4 years in the league.  Those guys will jump at an opportunity to play.  Those are the kind of guys you want in a dunk contest.  They’re fun to watch!  As well, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard getting the shooters out for a little challenge.  It also gives the younger players a chance to get a little more camera time.  Any sports television network would pick this up, too.  They would feign on it.  It wouldn’t even cost the league that much, but instead, it would bring them a lot more business.  Think of holding all of this outdoors, say in New York.  It would turn into a whole festival (much bigger than Hoop-It-Up).  There would be a tonne of merchandise being sold, as well it would keep fans tuned in to the happenings in the league.  I’m calling you out David Stern, and whoever is in your executive that is in charge of business development.  Make it happen!


Maybe even host “Summer Slam” at the Rucker?


It’s official that Mo Williams will be staying with the Milwaukee Bucks for the next 6 years! Now, if you read my blog before, you might have noticed how I thought it was a mistake for Mo Williams to stay with the Bucks (check it here). After pondering the whole situation for a while, I realized theres more to the whole situation. In Miami, he would have teamed with Shaq and DWade, but the Heat are still short in talent as a team, and they really are affected by the injury bug on a regular basis. I did say that they would be championship material with Mo Williams, and I will stand by my word. I truly do believe it. Why I have a slight change of heart comes down to one thing, LOYALTY. The Bucks are starting to build up their team a bit (just acquired Desmond Mason too), and by Mo Williams staying loyal to the Bucks, it will attract other talent, such as Mason. Loyalty also comes with a big fat cheque. For six years worth of service, Williams will receive $51.5 million. The question is, are the Bucks going to make it to the Heat’s level within those 6 years? Well, not this year. If they can acquire some more power up front, or if those front guys, like big Charlie V, start to develop, than ya, these guys will be contenders. Moral of the story: Loyalty pays…a lot!


College standout (before entering the league in 2002) Casey Jacobsen has signed a one-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, probably not worth a lot of money. Why is this significant? Why would I even bring up someone who hasn’t even played in the league recently? I do so because this guy was a star in college at Stanford. The more I thought about it, he reminded me of Jason Kopono. I would put them on the same level. If you remember Kopono’s early years on the league, he was practically a nobody as well. Once Miami gave him some serious minutes, he started to prove what he is about. I feel this will be the case with Jacobsen. With Memphis, he might have the opportunity to break out of his shell and become a top shooter in the league as the hype that surrounded him when he entered into the league suggested. Mark my words, Casey Jacobsen WILL be this season’s Jason Kopono. Watch out!

(Due to Jacobsen not being any good in the NBA YET, I could not find a YouTube video to post of how good he really is. Damn)

-I just received a tip for a little Casey Jacobsen footage playing in Germany.  This guy has a sweet stroke, and the rest of his game isn’t too shabby either.  (Thanks to BluntFam for the tip!)


It’s great to see the Pistons could come to terms with Antonio McDyess.  Night-in and night-out, Dyess is one of the most consistent players on the team.  I really believe he should have got some more votes for 6th man of the year.  Hopefully the Pistons can make a better run at the title in the weak east.  With all the main pieces coming back, the Pistons should try and strengthen up the bench.  Sure, they got some great draft picks with loads of potential, but this team isn’t looking to rebuild right now, they want a ring!  They really needed Grant Hill or Mo Pete. 


Speaking of Mo Pete, he decided he’d get the most playing time with New Orleans.  For a while, it seemed like he was bound for Utah, but apparently not.  I really believe Mo would have been a great fit for the Jazz, and could have been that final guy they needed to push them into the finals.  Mo Pete still has a lot of gas left and is capable of being a consistent shooter on a nightly basis.  He started to diminish in Toronto, and luckily, he got out there!  In New Orleans, he joins Chris Paul and co.  Even with Mo Pete, these guys are a long way away from being contenders.  They are a team that really should have been looking to make a big move in this off-season, if playoffs were on their mind.  At least Mo Pete will finally get the playing time he deserves.  Sorry Toronto fans, Mo Pete is gone!



After all the craziness that is going down with Tim Donaghy, I couldn’t help but chuckle with all the other Rasheed Wallace fans.  If you can remember, several years ago, Sheed was suspended for over a week for threatening a ref in the parking lot.  It just so happened it was none other than Mr. Tim Donaghy.  Now, like many other Sheed fans, we love him because he’s so cocky and confident.  You always feel like he will always get his own.  This time, Sheed got a little payback.  Some great articles about the story at:


Need4Sheed ( a personal favourite of mine )


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Check them out!