Does Anyone Really Want Pavlovic?

July 4, 2007


Since Luke Walton and Jason Kopono signed contracts for a good dollar (see article), apparently this means that Sasha Pavlovic’s value will rise. But why? After watching the playoffs, he really wasn’t a factor in any of the series’. He’s a blessed man for being a part of LeBron’s and even Daniel Gibson’s heroics. From here, he does bring the experience of being in the finals to any team. But how valuable is a guy who barely contributed? He lacked consistency! How can you lack consistency in the NBA finals? This is why the Pistons parted way with Carlos Delfino, as he wasn’t providing efficiently on a nightly basis, and now they’re aiming for a solid replacement for Tayshaun Prince. If I’m Pavlovic’s agent, I’m thinking jackpot! I have a client who barely performed and is still going to get a raise! That’s when you know there’s a flaw in the system. The Cavs are much better off trying to get Mo Peterson. This guy can create and bring a more CONSISTENT look to the Cleveland offense. I hope Danny Ferry will have the balls to recognize this and make the right move!


Can Pavlovic hit shots with his eyes closed? I don’t think so!!


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