Kobe: “Get A Bulls Uniform, Fellows”

July 5, 2007


Yup. It’s true. Finally released is footage and audio, featuring Kobe Byrant saying “get a Bulls uniform, fellows” after a man told Kobe to stay. Also Kobe outright calls Dr. Bus an idiot in the audio file. I couldn’t believe my eyes ( and my ears) when I saw this site. Apparently the owners of this video and audio were offered $100,000 by a Laker fan with the intention of never releasing it to the public, though the owners wanted to do exactly that. In addition, the New York Times wrote:

“The owners of the video, which was apparently taken without Bryant’s knowledge, had set out to make $100,000 (in increments of $2 pledges), before releasing it to the public. However, a counter on their Web site showed only about 12,000 pledges as of Wednesday afternoon. A spokesman for the group, which has remained anonymous, said it wanted the video released on N.B.A. draft day, when interest in the league would be high. ” See this full article here.

This just comes to show how quickly any rumour becomes reality. Kobe should know he’s in the spotlight 24/7 and should watch what he says, and especially who he talks to.


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