The Hottest Hoops Wife Goes to…

July 5, 2007

…Mrs. Kobe Bryant.  To be exact, Vanessa Bryant!  She really is a piece of work.  If you do your reserach too, you can find out what  a lot of the player’s wives looked like. Check out this post by HoopsVibe.  Great work with all the research to those guys.   I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mrs. Rasheed Wallace at a Pistons game once.  If I can dig up the picture, I will post, but lets just say she wasn’t all that enthusiastic about taking it.  Sheed deffinitely knows how to dress her up in Gucci and Gold.  Without further adue…Mrs. Kobe….



Is she the top or is there someone even more worthy of this title????

12 Responses to “The Hottest Hoops Wife Goes to…”

  1. For the love of the game Says:

    Is that a picture of Kobe new wife or the 13 year old he was sleep with- why is this bum still receiving media attention!! Is this a basketball blog or MILF hunter website?

  2. clutch3 Says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m just trying to point out the wonderful life of the best ballers. It’s all about Models and Bottles.

  3. […] the verge of separating.  All the Clutch 3 readers may remember Mrs. Kobe from the very first “Hottest Hoops Wife” article a little while back.  I’m not sure what the deal is between then, but no pre-nup was […]

  4. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the post. Some people need to lighten up.

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