Kudos to Nocioni

July 6, 2007


It was reported by ESPN that Andres Nocioni will sign a 5 year contract ( with an option for a 6th year) worth $38 million.  I see this a fair value for a terrific bench player.  He was limited with injuries this year, and seems a little older than his 27 years of age.  A five year contract seems like the perfect amount.  I can’t see him staying in the league past the age of 35, as he’ll probably be extremely limited due to injuries a little later in his career.  With this contract, he’ll bring a confident attitude into the Bulls locker-room. His 14 point and nearly 6 rebounds is a perfect addition coming off the bench.  His versatility is extremely valuable to the Bulls offense.  John Paxon looks like he making the right steps.  From here, he should try and pursue Pau Gasol again.  With Gasol, the Bulls won’t be as weak down low when it comes to low post scoring.  If they can make that happen, it’ll be hard to rule the Bulls out as this year’s East champs.


Is Pau Gasol next for the Bulls?


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