Europe Does Memphis: The Story of Pau and Darko

July 14, 2007


This doesn’t sound like the title of your typical children’s book, but this could potentially be the title of the NBA’s next Twin Towers.  I know I downplay Darko on a regular basis, but that is the worst case scenario.  Now how about thinking about the best case scenario?  If Darko finally has his breakout year, and Pau stays healthy, what are the possibilities?  It’s pretty endless in my mind.  Firstly, Pau showed last year (when healthy) that he is one of the most dominating, as well as versatile centers in the NBA.  This is a fact, my friends.  As for Darko, this will likely be the year where he starts at power forward from the starting of the season.  He has shown flashes of light.  It’s just a matter of time before he becomes consistent.  Yes, he’s still young.  Yes, he still has a lot to learn. But, playing alongside Pau during games and practices will work wonders for his game.  These guys are still not going to be playoff contenders within a year or two, but I wouldn’t count them out three years down the road.  In addition to the Memphis “Twin Towers” (sorry Duncan and Robinson), Rudy Gay is showing flashes of stardom in the summer league.  If Mike Miller can continue is high scoring at shooting guard, these guys can turn into a decent team.  It seems like all the pieces WILL fall into place, but the success of this team practically depends on the development of Darko.  This is a scary thought, hence, why Memphis still has a few years to go.


4 Responses to “Europe Does Memphis: The Story of Pau and Darko”

  1. of those two, Darko is actually more a C, while Gasol is the PF

    I think you got carried away a little bit with the Twin Towers comparison but they can develop into a nice combo

    BTW what was the last time when a team had two white guys at the two starting frontcourt positions? that would be a nice research to make

  2. nothin_personal Says:

    The original twin towers were Ralph Sampson and (then)Akim Olajuwon. Just thought you might want to know.

  3. clutch3 Says:

    I actually did not know that. Either way, I’d take Duncan/Robinson in a game of 2s anyday over those Rockets

  4. That would be the ugliest game of two on two ever.Can you imagine any if them(with the possible exception of Duncan)trying to dribble

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