Moore a Solid Pick-Up for Kings

July 16, 2007


This guy is great!  I have to admit I’m a huge Mikki Moore fan.  After writing about him possibly going to this team and that team, this guy has decided to settle in Sacramento.  You know, you always think contenders are going to pick up these type of guys, but you can never rule out the hot cities or big city markets. That’s why any team from New York, Florida or California will always have a chance at ANY player available.  They have a serious advantage over all the other teams.  Back to Moore, last season he proved that he can play a consistent role at power forward.  By joining the Kings, he can fill that starter role, and give the team a more consistent look up front (inconsistent=Brad Miller and Shareef Abdur-Rahim).  These three guys will have a great rotation and with all the injuries, the team will have a little more security.  With a great backcourt in Kevin Martin and Mike Bibby(?), the Kings will have a great starting five (plus Artest).  Will these guys contend?  No.  There’s no real chance to see them back in the playoffs, unless they can develop an incredible team dynamic, which doesn’t seem so likely with Artest on board.  Do they have potential?  Definitely.  Kevin Martin is so talented and explosive, that if they can keep him and Bibby and get some more guys, then yes, these guys have a future.  But don’t expect ABC to be showing these guys on Sundays.


3 Responses to “Moore a Solid Pick-Up for Kings”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    The Kings squad is intriguing, I agree Spin. The question is though, did they get the right coach to develop this talent into a cohesive unit. It’ll prbably take two seasons, but they will be interesting to watch, and a team to not sleep on. Glad you mentioned your blog on Slamonline. I’m liking your recent posts.

  2. The Kings are definiltey a team suffering from being in the West,a good team that,if they were in the Leastern conference they would be almost garaunteed a playoff spot but in the west there is no for the younger players that make up most of their bench and Kevin Martin to learn by error.
    If I was a coach I wouldn’t be too excited to be coaching this team,I mean the only prospect that would make me want to be in charge there would be to try and develop Kevin Martin.For me I think that Reggie Theus accepted the job just to be back in the NBA.
    I think Mikki Moore is a good player but what they really needed was a strong rebounder and they don’t have that in Moore or Spebcer Hawes for that matter.Unless they make a big acquisition they will be dominated in the West

  3. clutch3 Says:

    Thanks for the hit Izzo. I agree that the Kings will suffer in the West, but their potential is pretty solid. Mikki Moore is not a “great” rebounder, but now he’ll be the primary guy there, and relied on for this service. With a little more pressure on him, it will be interesting to see if he’ll turn into a 10 and 10 guy. He kind of has to.

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