A HUGE mistake: Mo Williams

July 17, 2007


After posting so many responses to all the Mo Williams articles, I thought I should write one of my own.  I just need to get it off my chest.  On the Buck’s side of things, they must be overjoyed right now.  Imagine how screwed the Bucks would have been without Mo Williams? Now, imagine how much happier Williams would have been if he went to the Miami Heat? I don’t know how long Williams stayed in school for, but man these guys need to stay in longer so they can start making some better decisions. What is extra millions when you’re already making over $5 million a season? At that level, a championship is worth so much more. If he possibly stayed in school a little bit longer, he might have been able to figure that out.  Now, some of you might be saying, “Well, obviously his agent guided him through this in order to make the right decision.”  But come on guys, do you think an agent really cares what team his player is playing for?  Of course not! If his player is putting up huge numbers or impressive number (see our good friend Mo Williams) then all the agent can see is dollar signs.  They just want their client to go where the money is.  That is there job.  A player in Mo’s shoes should be thinking championship.  A championship point guard will demand even more money than probably deserved (ie: Tony Parker, etc).  Overall, as you might notice, I think this is a HUGE mistake on Mo Williams part, and a huge victory for his agent.  Congrats buddy!


6 Responses to “A HUGE mistake: Mo Williams”

  1. “What is extra millions when you’re already making over $5 million a season?” – Well in the end, it’s almost twice as much. So that’s a pretty big difference. That’s the difference between helping all his friends live comfortably and maybe improving the lives of others through charity, or taking the 5 mill and living the celebrity life for just yourself. Cost of living factored in, it’s easily twice as much money in Milwaukee.

    Mo is a star on the Milwaukee team. He’s known in the Milwaukee community. He’s said he likes it here. In Miami he’d be just another member of the Heat, here he’s Mo Williams.

    Do you really think the Heat are that much of a contender? Shaqs on his last legs. Payton and Kapono are gone. Walker isn’t getting any better. Mourning said this is the last year. They have what I see as a one year window before they start to fall from grace. Milwaukee is a player or two away from contention (just like they emerged to be in 2001).

    Mo was thinking long-term, money, stardom, and a chance first. He can go to a great team later if that doesn’t develop (just like Payton did).

  2. Keep up the good blogging, I’ll get you a sidebar link soon.

  3. clutch3 Says:

    Thanks for the hit Jeramey, but when I talk about extra millions, I wasn’t really looking into the greater good of society, although it is a fair point. I truly think he could be a championship point guard this year. Sure the Heat lost some quality, but they still have DWade and Shaq is still Shaq. They have a good core. It’s true the Heat don’t have too much longer, but the Bucks still have a ways to go. The Bucks should be thankful for a guy like that willing to put in the time.

  4. I disagree, Mo Will made a good decision

    if you are good you have always time to win a ring later, see Payton and Mourning, he was coming from a career yeasr and he was looking for the max cash he could get. I can’t blame him honestly

  5. Shaq isn’t Shaq anymore, he’s hurt 30 games a year Shaq.

    Tossed up a link to you on our site. Keep up the good blogging.

  6. […] you might have noticed how I thought it was a mistake for Mo Williams to stay with the Bucks (check it here). After pondering the whole situation for a while, I realized theres more to the whole situation. […]

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