I Call His Bluff; Marbury Will be in the USA

July 19, 2007


After all this talk about Stephon Marbury heading to Italy in two years to finish his career there, I couldn’t but help think how much of a load of crap this is.  This guy is your stereotypical New York basketball player, street baller if you will.  As much as his “Starbury” status has diminished over the years, he is starting to build a reputable name for himself with his “Starbury” line of shoes and clothing.  I think since he started his line of clothing, he has become regarded as a better person.  It takes a serious person to shy away from the shoes contracts of millions to accept royalties on shoes selling for $15.  I guess this guy’s business teacher taught about volume.  Obviously he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, because he once knew what it was like to not be able to afford a pair of Air Jordans.  With all this being said, why would he lose this “good-guy” image and jet for Italy?  Is it because he and his wife had a great vacation?  If this is the primary reason, in two year’s time, this idea will blow over.  It’s like when you’re in 8th grade and you want an earing for the first time.  By grade 10, you’re laughing at yourself.  The only up-side of going to Italy is he will be the best player in their league.  Can he re-gain “Starbury” status all over again?  Personally, I think those days are over.






One Response to “I Call His Bluff; Marbury Will be in the USA”

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