The Rebirth of the Franchise?

July 20, 2007


I think that’s pushing it a bit. Firstly, I would consider Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming, Luther Head and Rafer Alston the “franchise” all before the former franchise.  But enough bashing, look who the Rockets landed!  I’m not sure if any of you read my article ( check it out here!) titled “Big Expectations for McGrady, Yao and the Boys” but if you did, you might already know how much faith I have in this Rockets team.  And now this, Steve Francis!  Having him on board will definitely create some competition within the team, now that the Rockets have 3 point guards in Mike James, Francis and Rafer Alston.  One could look at it as a problem, and another could look at it as depth.  I choose depth, as well it will force the three to play and practice harder to get the kind of minutes they all want.  The Rockets now have a bunch of potential primary scorers.  If McGrady or Yao go down with injuries, which will inevitably happen to at least one of them, there is some backup.  As I said before, the Rockets still have Bonzi Wells and Shane Battier.  Battier is one of the best role players in the league, and for that, will more than likely make the US national team this summer.  This team is stacked.  My prediction:  at a bare minimum, I see these guys in the conference finals if they can stay healthy. They really should invest in the best doctor and conditioning staff to keep this injury prone team healthy.  Gotta love the Rockets this year!


He’s coming home to Houston!  And for less money too!



2 Responses to “The Rebirth of the Franchise?”

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  2. heyhick Says:

    Tracy McGrady, Ira Newble, Steve Nash, Donavan McNabb and many others are taking action and raising awareness about Darfur Now. See what they are saying at See what activists like them are doing to end the conflict and rehabilitate a people. Darfur Now opens in L.A. and NYC on Nov 2. and the rest of the country Nov. 9.

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