McDyess Staying in Motown; Mo Pete Jetting for New Orleans

July 24, 2007


It’s great to see the Pistons could come to terms with Antonio McDyess.  Night-in and night-out, Dyess is one of the most consistent players on the team.  I really believe he should have got some more votes for 6th man of the year.  Hopefully the Pistons can make a better run at the title in the weak east.  With all the main pieces coming back, the Pistons should try and strengthen up the bench.  Sure, they got some great draft picks with loads of potential, but this team isn’t looking to rebuild right now, they want a ring!  They really needed Grant Hill or Mo Pete. 


Speaking of Mo Pete, he decided he’d get the most playing time with New Orleans.  For a while, it seemed like he was bound for Utah, but apparently not.  I really believe Mo would have been a great fit for the Jazz, and could have been that final guy they needed to push them into the finals.  Mo Pete still has a lot of gas left and is capable of being a consistent shooter on a nightly basis.  He started to diminish in Toronto, and luckily, he got out there!  In New Orleans, he joins Chris Paul and co.  Even with Mo Pete, these guys are a long way away from being contenders.  They are a team that really should have been looking to make a big move in this off-season, if playoffs were on their mind.  At least Mo Pete will finally get the playing time he deserves.  Sorry Toronto fans, Mo Pete is gone!



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