Curry Robbed…Heads Up Players!

July 29, 2007


What is with NBA players getting robbed these days?  This is pretty scary stuff.  It makes logical sense.  These guys are extremely wealthy.  The odds are, they keep a lot of cash on hand, and apparently not very securely.  They seem like targets.  It’s unfortunate, but couldn’t you see it happening again?  Think about when someone like LeBron goes out to a club.  He’s probably packing some serious cash in his pockets.  Then again, LeBron probably has security twice his size.  But an NBA player on a lesser scale, such as Eddy Curry is a probable target.  These guys are making millions upon million of dollars, and they are not taking the proper measures to secure it.  What would it cost to have a body guard walk around with you, or even put a security alarm system in your house, or even cameras for crying out loud. I haven’t heard of the police in Chicago catching these guys, or any leads, so they just might get away with the whole scam.  The big losers are Curry and his family.  That’s a pretty traumatizing experience.  Hopefully other players and celebrities learn from these unfortunate incidents.

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