Pictures:KG with Boston Uniform/Teamates! Check Them Out!

August 1, 2007




Photoes from AP.

3 Responses to “Pictures:KG with Boston Uniform/Teamates! Check Them Out!”

  1. liberiangirl Says:

    Damn its a crime 2 be that sexy!what’s really really good boys? Talk 2 me!lol. Keep up the good work though.I don’t want nothing, just a ticket 2 the championship game.I’ll keep my fingers cross.u go boys!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I think U rock!!But I think that Ray Allen is the bomb!!And that will never change.He is sooo cute and a great player!!U R lucky to have him on u’r team!!!
    A Fan,
    P.S tell Ray Ray what I told U !!!C U on T.V.C U

  3. enrique Says:

    ever since i saw the press conference i told my self n friends that u guys wud win a championship, they didnt believe me. they thought that u guys cudnt play together cuz ya huggin the ball… well it turned out tha u guys win the championship… congrats way to go……. a repeat sounds great

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