O’Neal to Lakers Would Make Kobe Happy

August 7, 2007


It sounds like it’s getting close!  Jermaine O’Neal might be a Laker sooner than later.  The prospective trade would involve Lamar Odem and Andrew Bynum for O’Neal.  This would be a great trade for the Lakers, and for Kobe Bryant.  KB would finally have an inside presence to take some pressure off him (since Shaq Diesel of course).  O’Neal also provides a great 15 foot jump shot touch, which spreads out the defense.  I could see him knocking down that shot all season, after KB drives and dishes to him over and over again.  The big risk is O’Neals repetitive injuries.  To me, this is irrelevant, because Odem is the same way. Inevitably, they’re both going to miss some games due to bad knees.   As for Bynum, he has shown flashes of being a good player, but he’s just potential for now. He still has a couple years before he becomes a primary option in an offense.  The Lakers NEED to make this move if they want to keep Kobe.  Otherwise, it’d be interesting to see Kobe and Jermaine O’Neal rendezvous to another team together.  Think it’s possible?????


6 Responses to “O’Neal to Lakers Would Make Kobe Happy”

  1. I agree with you, Spin. Bynum really hasn’t shown much, yet he’s pulling some weight in this deal. He might turn into something “good” but probably won’t be as good as O’Neal. As for Odem, he’ll get injured for most of the season……….again. Hopefully this trade can go throught for the Lake show and then they won’t be such a waste to watch on national tv!

  2. Ballin McBaller Says:

    O’Neal looks sharp in that pic. Did he get voted into the best dressed…the one where Tom Brady somehow was the top?

  3. Soren Says:

    Kobe Bryant is a whiner. He needs to shut up and realize he got himself into a losing situation.

    My take:


  4. lakersfanboy Says:

    Bynum must stay with the Lakers, he’s still young but can already match with the big players in NBA.

    Lakers fan

  5. anthony Says:

    I think why change they have made two finals the last two seasons and walk away with a title. we all know last year KG was due for a ring

  6. Kobe cannot be beaten in any one or one situation. Kobe is going to be MVP again just you wait. Haters go away. He will get as many rings as Jordan soon.

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