Dalembert a Canadian! Next Task…Olympic Gold!

August 8, 2007


Alright, so now the Canadian national team will include Dalembert, Rick Fox, Nash, Leo Rautins and Me.  Okay, all is a lie.  Firstly, Rautins is the Olympic team head coach.  Seconly, what ever happened to Rick Fox?  I remember him having a crazy good season with Boston and then kinda just hopped on the Laker boat to the championships.  I never made it past junior high school ball, and Steve Nash will just never play for team Canada anymore.  But now Dalembert.  This part is true!  After just receiving his Canadian citizenship (formerly from Haiti), Dalembert has declared that he wants to play for Team Canada.  This is phenomenal news for the team and the country.  There is now another basketball figure to look up to for all the younger aspiring ball players.  Before, it was just Nash, and Nash is an excellent example of a great Canadian role model.  The way I see Dalembert is that he can be a great role model for all ball players too, but more so for the big guys.  He is starting to prove himself in the 76ers (weak) lineup.  Just like Kobe, its time to start putting some legitimate pieces around Dalembert and bring the gold home!


One Response to “Dalembert a Canadian! Next Task…Olympic Gold!”

  1. Ballin McBaller Says:

    Canucks have a long way to go before they could even beat the US Select team!

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