Baron Davis going after old vet Hatcher…Kobe to star on ABC?

August 9, 2007



If it’s true, it’s fantastic!  If Baron Davis and milf Teri Hatcher are planning on a get-together, there would appear to be a simple partnership between ABC and the NBA.  Of course you have your Tony and Eva, and possibly your Baron and Teri (although I’m sure they’re just a fling/one-nighter), but who is next?  Who’s an eligible bachelor in the league?  Mutombo?  Just kidding..seriously.  Well, if we can recall around two days ago, we will remember that Mr. Kobe Bryant will possibly be available on the market soon.  Okay, so who does he match up with in the ABC pool?  Well, it could be anyone.  But if you look a little further, you’ll notice that Kobe could be a perfect candidate for the ABC hit show The Bachelor!  How perfect does this work out?  I wonder if ABC and the NBA have a long term deal in the works.  This would be one way to get some jockier fans to watch some corny ABC shows.  I’m guilty of it, and I know you are too!

3 Responses to “Baron Davis going after old vet Hatcher…Kobe to star on ABC?”

  1. This is why I go to blogs. I can get news on espn, but this is actually news to me. I’d say a pretty good score for Baron. Hatcher is still pretty hot. Good job.

  2. Courtside Says:

    F*ck Kobe. C-Webb is still on the market!

  3. Ballin McBaller Says:

    C-Webb? Man, they don’t put Grampas on the bachelor anymore. Kobe’s still got some youth. It would just look weird with the height advantage over all the bitties.

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