Hinrich Pulls Out…Eases The Pain

August 14, 2007


Apparently Kirk Hinrich pulled out of the running to make the USA basketball team due to personal reasons.  If you really think that it was due to “personal reasons” you better think twice.  If you look at who Kirk was competing against, the only personal reasons I would having to withdraw would be a lack of confidence.  Do you think this guy has ever been cut from a team before?  Of course not!  He’s an amazing point guard, but he’s sure not as valuable on a team that offers the likes of Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd.  In fact, I would even rather Deron Williams than Hinrich any day.  So instead of killing his own confidence and self-esteem, why not pull out…for personal reasons.   

3 Responses to “Hinrich Pulls Out…Eases The Pain”

  1. Mr. Basketball Says:

    Maybe his personal reasons were that he’s a big baby and is starting to realize he’ll never be a great point guard in the NBA. He probably wishes he could be back at Kansas

  2. hottie Says:

    he is so not a baby. i think mr basketball is a baby.
    kirk hinrich is amazing player and person. he is one nof the best guards in the nba.

    kirk hinrich is so hot!
    KIRK HINRICH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. datballa32 Says:

    Mr. Basketball, you are a complete idiot. He could be a great point guard, hes gotta work tho.

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