LeBron or Kobe?

August 17, 2007



When the time comes for Team USA to take on the best of the rest of the world, which US superstar is going to be the leader.  Clearly, the two names at the top of the list are LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.  Both bring their assets to the table.  If you ask me, I’d want the ball in Kobe’s hands.  Why you might ask?  As good as LeBron is, and he’s damn good, he’s not on Kobe’s level, yet.  Kobe is a proven leader.  He has championship rings.  He’s consistent, and he’s incredible to watch.  As shown in this year’s past playoffs, LeBron is getting good really quickly, but he’s not on Kobe’s level yet.  He still has a year or two until he hits that status.  In these international competitions, you never know when another team might give the US a good run.  If that happens, I could see coach K giving Kobe the ball.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Kobe gets double teamed and he passes to LeBron?  That’s fine by me.


4 Responses to “LeBron or Kobe?”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’d say Kobe is the man on this team if it comes down to drawing up a play on the final possession…

    I know I’ve left a few messages already, but please let me know if you’re interested in linking to my blog on your site.

    It is http://boederbucks.blogspot.com/

    I already have your link on mine.

  2. clutch3 Says:

    Thanks for the link, and I just hooked you up on mine. I appreciate all your posts, and keep em coming!

  3. Even though I got beef with Kobe, I have to take him over Lebron. Lebron isn’t on that level yet, but he will be.

  4. kingjamesfan Says:

    I think both of them has talent and qualities to lead the team. Maybe its just to early for LeBron at his age to handle such responsibilities. But someday when the time is right, I know for sure that he will lead the team with passion and pride.

    LeBron James fan

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