Prediction: Orlando Magic will NOT Make it Past the First Round

August 25, 2007


The Magic just acquired Adonal Foyle, which makes the Magic’s frontcourt one of the most powerful in the league. Although Foyle had a weak season in ’06-’07, he is still capable of being a solid frontcourt partner of Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis.   This was a terrific addition for the boys in blue, but is in enough?  I know I ask this question quite a bit, but when you look at the rest of the east, you have to ask yourself if you think that this powerful frontcourt is really enough to get the Magic deep into the playoffs.  The answer is no!  I don’t even believe these guys will make it past the first round.  I solely place the blame for my prediction on the Magic’s lack of backcourt.  That’s where it all starts.  Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkoglu are as weak of a backcourt as the league has seen in recent years.  Nelson has yet to prove he is a good point guard in the league, and Turkoglu’s inconsistency will only become more significant as he gets less shots with Rashard Lewis in town.  With Carlos Arroyo and J.J. Redick coming off the bench, there’s just not much depth for the coach to dip into!  If these guys make it past the first round of the playoffs, I give everyone that has just read this to rub it in my face, but I have a feeling I won’t be getting any comments come that time of the season.


8 Responses to “Prediction: Orlando Magic will NOT Make it Past the First Round”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t be surprised if they don’t even make the playoffs.

  2. clutch3 Says:

    Well that’s just crazy talk. These guys are a lock for the number 8 seed, possibly even the 7

  3. I don’t get if you are being sarcastic or not

    Adonal Foyle = terrific addition ???

    “Solid partner” for Howard ??

    I am asking because I totally agree when u pointed out all Magic’s weaknesses, so you can’t be serious about that scrub being so important to Orlando !

  4. clutch3 Says:

    I’m not sarcastic when I say he’s a great addition, because he brings another big body up front. When I point out the flaws, I’m mainly talking about the backcourt. He’s not that “important” as he won’t make them more of a contender, but he makes them more better off than they were. Moral of the story, the Magic aren’t going far.

  5. ok, fair enough

    To me Foyle is simply a scrub, to be clear

  6. You’re right about the Magic’s weakness in the backcourt. Turk and Nelson don’t help them much. I see them as an 8 seed, out in the first round.

  7. clutch3 Says:

    I’d be shocked if they made it past the first round. They just don’t have the playoff experience on the roster. Can RL carry them in the playoffs? He has yet to prove anything thus far.

  8. Alex Says:

    I’d agree Orlando isn’t a top four team in the East…

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