Bargnani and Belinelli’s Nike Ad

September 5, 2007

Seems like you’re not cool unless you’re an NBA player from Italy with a last name that starts with a B…and tall.  Either way, can someone translate for the rest of the world what Bargnani is saying?  Not that it actually matters, because I find it pretty impressive how effortless Belinelli makes hitting street-ball jump shots look.  And how do you not like the ending!  Now I wanna be Italian NBA player!


3 Responses to “Bargnani and Belinelli’s Nike Ad”

  1. ahahaha you need some serious guido help here !!!

    Bargnani says “in the NBA you will have to carry the drinks to the other players, drive the van for trasports… you will have to play defense… we all knew how you played defense in Italy !… you will have to guard Kobe Bryant, what are you gonna do with Kobe ? and hey… most important thing, you must learn to listen !!…”

    funny stuff

  2. clutch3 Says:

    Thanks Ricky!
    That’s actually hilarious. They need to do an English take off of this. Has anyone ever seen Bargnani’s TSN commercials (Canadians)? Hilarious

  3. NikeSky Says:

    I got a pair of Nike Aix Max only $68

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