I Can’t Believe the Heat Just Stole Ricky Davis

October 25, 2007


I’m sure you all know by now that Ricky Davis was traded to the Heat today.  How did this happen?  In the process, the Heat got rid of Antoine Walker.  Did the TWolves still think that Walker was in his prime?  I hate to bring a glimpse of reality to the TWolves, but Ricky Davis still has game.  He actually made my list of potential sleeper picks in my fantasy draft.  He was bound to be the go-to guy in Mini this season, probably average around 20 points a game.  Now the Heat have what I like to call All-Star security.  With Shaq and Wade constantly being in injury problem, the Heat now have a guy that can take on a leadership role when those two are out.  Beyond that, they’ll have Davis coming on the floor instead of Antoine Walker.  This is a total win for the Heat!  As for the TWolves, what the hell were you guys thinking? 

On a side note, doesn’t Ricky Davis look a lot like Ludacris?


On another side note, Kevin McHale is probably the worst GM I’ve ever seen!!



4 Responses to “I Can’t Believe the Heat Just Stole Ricky Davis”

  1. FireDannyAinge Says:

    Are you kidding me.? Did you watch the post season for the Heat the last 2 years.? Did you watch the post season in 2005 with Ricky Davis “leading the way”
    Give me a break.
    Walker has not been the player in Miami he was as a Celtic because that wasn’t his role. He put up his career numbers in Atlanta.
    Ricky is a very good player but so is Walker.
    Davis is not getting those shots he got in Boston and Minny as a Heat I can tell you now he will be lucky to get any 8 shots a game when Wade is healthy.

  2. Ricky Davis plays pretty much the same position as a lot of the Wolves’ young players–it’s probably better for the Wolves that they opened up the playing time for Foye, McCants, and Brewer.

    Plus Miami didn’t get Davis for nothing: they threw in a first round pick (that McHale will waste, I know, but it’s still a first round pick), and they had to take the contract of Mark Blount. I think the Wolves were probably just relieved, perhaps even shocked, to find somebody willing to take Blount off their hands. Again, they’ve got young post players and don’t need Blount taking up space (and wasted money).

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  4. clutch3 Says:

    Walker will be a dud in Mini just like he was in Miami. Yes they got a 1st round pick, and YES they will waste it. The best offseason move the TWolves could make it firing McHale!!!

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