When I have frequent arguments with friends about why basketball is better than hockey or baseball, it always comes down to one true point on my side.  Basketball is entertainment.  After taking in the Pistons/Knicks game last night in Detroit, my love for this league shot up higher than it ever was before.  As we all know, Mr. Isiah Thomas has been booed…booed …and booed some more.  He’s booed at home in New York and booed on the road in New York.  Until last night.  After I ran to my seat after getting soaked in the gross Auburn Hills rain, I was right in time for the introductions (or the best part of basketball—my thoughts at least).  You had your Eddy Curry’s, your Starbury’s…and of course…we all came to hear the reaction of Zeke himself.  To my thoughts, the Piston gang of fans cheered this guy as if he was still starting at PG for the Bad Boys.  This guy can assault an employee, become a losing/terrible coach, yet all these fans can remember is how amazing of a leader he once was for the boys in red, white and blue.  I was a little shocked at the reaction, until I found myself standing and clapping like everyone else. 

The Gossip

November 9, 2007


1)      Ben Wallace still sucks.  If you caught last night’s Pistons/Bulls game, you’d notice how he still seems to think it’s a better idea for him to a take a shot, rather than someone of the Luol Deng or Ben Gordon type.  As well, you would have noticed that in crunch time, Big Ben was nowhere to be seen on the floor.  Was he worth it, Chicago?

2)      Baron Davis is one of the most underrated players in the league.  Hopefully this guy can stay healthy the whole season.

3)      I feel like Nene has yet to go a season without an injury.  Is this true?

4)      Miami is in dire need of a D-Wade comeback.  Shaq just isn’t Shaq anymore.  He’s just a plain oversized human being who’s pretty good at basketball.  He’s not a force anymore and the man is out of shape.  Wait until you see the difference D-Wade makes on a team. 

5)      You gotta love watching Richard Jefferson snagging all the points and rebounds in New Jersey over Vincanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Vince fan at heart, but with RJ taking all the spotlight right now, you know it’ll force Vince to work hard to get back into his own spotlight.  I expect Vince to go on a big tear, along with the Nets.

6)      Who’s going to stop the Celtics?


A few thoughts on my mind this morning:

1) Congrats to all those reaping the benefits of having Chris Paul and Peja Stojakovic in their fantasy lineups last night  (such as myself).  Time to celebrate?  Don’t think so, but hey, it was a huuuge lift. 

2)Mo Williams has been slow starting.  I drafted this guy hoping for last year’s numbers, but so far he’s only been mediocre with a larger amount of turnovers.  The guy needs a little shakeup.  Time to start earning your money, Mo!

3)Too much Kobe talk still.  I’m still sticking with my preseason prediction of that he’ll be a Laker until the trade deadline.  Now all the writers are saying he’s not even worth his “value” that the Lakers are trying to get.  I find that kind of weird about the best player in the league.  I’m still a Kobe fan, and I know you are too. 

4)I’m loving how much Ben Wallace sucks now.  The Pistons clearly inked the right guy in signing Chauncey Billups.  I’m sure all Detroit fans are saying “Sheed is the only Wallace we need”!!!

5)How much do you love watching the Nuggets, the Warriors, and surprisingly the Raptors?  The Raps seem to have a fantastic team chemistry where the scoring seems to be more balanced than in past years.  Kudos to them, except for their dreadful loss last night to the Bucks. 

6)It’s all about Yiiiiiiiii.  This guy has been pretty good so far, considering he really has to share the ball with a lot of guys on that lineup.  They should easily have a playoff spot if their bigs can stay healthy.


That’s all I’ve got for now.

T-Mac in the Videos Section

November 6, 2007

In honour of one of my main men receiving player of the week honours, I thought I’d throw in that clip of him scoring like 1000 points in barely any time.  Check it out here.

Recently, a Detroit News writer by the name of Chris McCosky lashed out at bloggers (which inevitably includes myself) saying:

“With blogging and Web sites, it seems the hard work, standards, accountability, courage all of that is bypassed. Who needs to study this stuff, or attend games, or conduct interviews when you can just sit in your basement and clack out whatever comes through your head, right? If I rip somebody, or if I get something wrong, who cares? Nobody will see me.

A lot of times these bloggers use the work of legitimate reporters. They will lift facts and segments of stories and cut and paste them onto their blog. Rarely, if ever, though, do they bother to credit the source.”

This was just a blurb of his interesting article.  Find it HERE to read the rest.  Initially, I was quite offended (as an insulted blogger).  Shortly after taking in the article a bit, I couldn’t help to think how brilliant this clown is.  McCosky ultimately writes how bloggers are just bumming off of regular writers who get paid, which is partly true.  I’ve done it.  And the some of the most credible have done it.  What he doesn’t touch on is successful bloggers.  True successful bloggers don’t grow to be successful by reporting the latest scores and news.  Only your typical news papers and sports stations can fight over those rights.  What makes a blogger successful is its originality.  Something different (see my Hottest Hoops Wife articles for a little taste of originality).  The more and more I thought about McCosky’s article, the more I realized this guy feels threatened.  The growing blogosphere is taking a lot of credibility away from the traditional newspapers.  There’s people out there that have more interesting words to say than the so called “professional writers”, and audiences are noting this.  Some travel to your 20SecondTimeOuts or Need4Sheeds instead of traditional Detroit News.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see if McCosky’s job was on the line.  I’m sure his articles have gone down in popularity, as more originality has sprung up elsewhere.  To me, McCosky’s article just proves how much of a force bloggers are growing to be.

The best part of all of this, is us bloggers are falling for it.  Still don’t get it?  McCosky wrote his article out of desperation.  He needed people to read his article.  Like bloggers, he needed some hits.  What better way to drive your hits up than to criticize the most opionated people?  Seems like a pretty well crafted plan.  As much as I hate the thought behind his article, I salute you clown-face McCosky on a smart, well planned article.


18, 2, 2 and 4

That’s 18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals!  That’s a pretty stellar line for a guy that barely played last season.  By now you might have guessed if you checked the box scorers or watched highlights of opening night that  I’m talking about Ronnie Brewer.  Who?  To me, I only knew of this guy a coupld years ago as a friend in school told me about him, so I added him on Facebook.  I figured he’d be famous one day, and then I could brag to my other basketball junky friends that me and Ronnie are boys.  So far, so good!  Starting at shooting guard next to Deron Williams, Brewer held his own against Baron Davis and the athletic Warriors of Golden State.  If your like me, you already knew this guy had potential to break out this season with all the minutes available to him.  I drafted him in fantasy, and he’s already proving he’s worth more than what he was valued at.