What a Line to Start the Season. Who could it Be?

November 1, 2007


18, 2, 2 and 4

That’s 18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals!  That’s a pretty stellar line for a guy that barely played last season.  By now you might have guessed if you checked the box scorers or watched highlights of opening night that  I’m talking about Ronnie Brewer.  Who?  To me, I only knew of this guy a coupld years ago as a friend in school told me about him, so I added him on Facebook.  I figured he’d be famous one day, and then I could brag to my other basketball junky friends that me and Ronnie are boys.  So far, so good!  Starting at shooting guard next to Deron Williams, Brewer held his own against Baron Davis and the athletic Warriors of Golden State.  If your like me, you already knew this guy had potential to break out this season with all the minutes available to him.  I drafted him in fantasy, and he’s already proving he’s worth more than what he was valued at.

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