It’s Been Wayyyyyyyyyy Tooooo Long!

December 11, 2007

If you thought I quit blogging…you’re wrong!  I took a serious break though.  No excuses either.  I work, I party, I chill.  But I used to do that even when I was blogging, so again, no excuses.  It’s been quite a while since my last entry.  When I pull up my past entries, it doesn’t say “yesterday’s posting”, but rather “a while ago..” .  Once I saw that I said WHOA.  Time to put an end to this.  So, I realized I do have quite a bit on my mind about the league happenings.  Here we go:

-I know I wrote quite a few articles about Grant Hill, but wow, this guy has been putting up semi-Grant Hill-of-old numbers.  Quite impressive.  That being said, I think he’s reached his season peak, and of course, I fear of his inevitable season ending injury.  I have already traded him in one of my fantasy leagues.

-Baron Davis is one of the best players in the league, not just one of the best POINT GUARDS.  He’s finally getting some credit where it is due, but still, not enough!  This guy is on the brink of a triple double every night.  He’s leading one of the league’s best offenses, yet still probably not considered one of the league’s best.  I know in a fantasy league of 15 people, he would be in the first round.

-Dwight Howard is a monster.  The funny part is he’s only 21 (or not even?).  WOW…

 -Boston.  No one expected these guys to do this well, this early in the season.  The crazy part too is that all 3 of the BIG 3 are averaging over 20 points per game.  That being said, I STILL wouldn’t have KG as the league MVP at this rate.  Team MVP forsure, but right now I think you have to start thinking D.Howard.

-The Cavs truly are a one man team, and with LeBron out, they’re proving it.  As I’ve set before, last year was a fluke for these guys. 

-I expect Kobe to stay put for a while in L.A.  On another hand, I do expect Jason Kidd to be out of N.J. by the trade deadline.  With Andrew Bynum playing so well, it’ll be interesting to see if the Lakers can cook something up around him.  Doubt it, but who knows.

-Why is Rip Hamilton leading the league in technical fouls and not Sheed Wallace?  Weird!

That’s all folks.  I will try and keep at it as much as possible.

10 Responses to “It’s Been Wayyyyyyyyyy Tooooo Long!”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    Kid i hate grant hill so good

  2. Jorge Says:

    Dude you dont even know how much i hate him

  3. Gir Says:

    I hate Grant Hill so much ill fight you about hating him

  4. Zim Says:

    I kinda like Grant Hill….

  5. Muhammed Says:

    Zim Im gonna blow you up

  6. Osama Says:

    Muhammed I swear to Allah I will kill you if u dont like hate grant hill

  7. clutch3 Says:

    What’s all this unkosher beef with Grant Hill?
    Anyone want to talk about it?

  8. Who the fuck is Muhammed…I haven’t seen him on any teams roster…Is he a rookie player??

    Fuck Osama- let’s talk b-ball…why bring fictional g-d into this blog…

  9. Rachel Says:

    You said you were going to keep up to date! What happened? If you’re going to take time off you should read my novel that was inspired by the Lakers of last season, Lights Out, Los Angeles. Check it out here:

  10. Welcome back! I am a bit late, but anyway! I like your posts don’t stop!

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