KG’s Wife is the Real MVP

March 14, 2008

All this talk of KG for MVP, but the real Most Valuable of the Garnett family is Brandi, Kevin’s wife!  Check her out!  Quite the fitty.



12 Responses to “KG’s Wife is the Real MVP”

  1. norman Says:

    hey idol kevin just add me . . tnx

  2. hi BIG KG my name is william wise jr and you are my idol.No matter when people say you where the worst Ill say dont be a hatter.My age is 13 and Iwant to be just like you with all my heart.Im a beast just like you and thats a good thing ,and your wife most beatiful thing ever to me BIG DOG.I dont want to be on your jock strap or nothing like that,so peace and good look to the Boston Celtics and your marriage.

  3. E Double Says:

    Damn Kev, she got any sisters?!

  4. Ace boogie Says:

    No wonder he plays so well, look what he has to come home to!. He trying to end the game quick so he can get home!. Peace

  5. i miss u since u left shirly yard i hope u cum back dis summer.i miss u

  6. Viva Says:

    Yo man I am ur fan. So lets keep the Celtics fan grp goin on. Yeah U Rule so do the Celtics

  7. hey kg i just wanted to say that ur ethe best ure the one that inspires me to play bball like i do now you are my ro model

  8. hey kg would you like to do me the biggest favor of my life pleas plz plz man can you text me when u have time at 639-0038 i would really appreciate it kg i have to go now god bless u and keeo inspiring young kids

  9. kayla Says:

    his wife is pretty, so is vince carters girlfriend some model from akron ohio

  10. halahuchi Says:

    KG’s got a hot wife. Man O man wonder how she handles KG’s Big long dick! LOL

  11. JC Says:

    she’s too good for him

  12. kg Says:

    dam kg she is fine

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