The Celtics Still Need Reggie

April 16, 2008

Remember before the season, there were tons of rumours about Reggie Miller amongst other (Allan Houston,etc) was making a comeback.  The most “bought” rumour was that he was headed for Boston.  With the playoffs so close, I can’t help to think what his impact would have been on this team.  Although he wouldn’t see the daylight of the starting lineup, his 15-20 minutes backing up Ray Allan would be the X factor, including taking those inevitable game winning shots against Detroit.  Since the Celts did not pursue Reggie hard enough, I have to give the upper hand to the Pistons, which will be the East final.  No doubt about!  Why the Pistons?  For one, EXPERIENCE!  Paul Pierce has the most playoff experience on that Celtics roster, and it really wasn’t anything to brag about.  On the flip side, many of the Pistons have been the finals and won a championship.  I can’t see a Pistons cold streak, and I can’t see Rasheed losing his mind, or at least not more than a tech or two. The Pistons are focused, and now they have a productive bench.  I expect to see a lot more Lindsey Hunter as the younger guys will be warming up to the new environment that the playoffs bring.  I can also see a guy like Jason Maxiell truly showing his colours.  The 76ers are in for a few thunderous dunks.  But for the Pistons/Celtics East final, I say Pistons in 6!

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