Since my postings have been sporatic and inconsistent, I figured I owed the loyals another Hottest Hoops Wife edition posting, since they always seem to be in demand. Although this one might not surprise people, it does have a little significant. Yes, our favourite little French point guard Tony has gotten hitched to Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria. No Surprise there at all! But, the real shocker is the upgrade our man TP made. To jump from A to B would be an understatement. This transition is like going from living in poverty to Beverly Hills. Check out Tony’s old digs and his new!



Wife Eva Longoria

Wife Eva Longoria

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Well it’s been a pretty whacked out season so far. Firstly, remember the first couple weeks of the season when we all couldn’t stop talking about the Atlanta Hawks? I remember when I was looking at Piston games to attend, I was looking at the Lakers, Celtics, Rockets..and Hawks. I think I would have rethought everything back then (I ended up seeing the Bulls thanks to some amazing seats!-and a lack of depth in the December schedule). Do I even need to talk about the Celtics? I’ll pass

The Lakers. With Bynum now out for a while, they’re back to square one. People with Lamar Odom on their fantasy teams are likely ecstaticed about the injury, while true Lakers fans are already thinking they need to make a move before the trade deadline. Has anyone heard of Shaq? His name does keep popping up in trade rumours lately, but how about the Diesel going back to LA? That would be a reality show on its own. Regardless, the Lakers, as good as they are with or without Bynum, need to make something happen in order to upgrade last year’s playoff team.

The Clippers just plain out suck.

Watch out for the Nuggets. There couldn’t be a more scary team when everyone is healthy, but they are easily the highest injury risk team in the league. If K-Mart or Nene land half akwardly, the team’s season is done-regardless of how stellar my main man Chauncey B has been playing.

I always like to say the Spurs are a ‘has-been’ team, but really, they never come out until it counts…the PLAYOFFS! They truly are a playoff team and no one should ever count them out, whether they are a 1 seed or 8 seed. I would hate to be the Lakers (likely will be the number 1 seed in the west) playing the Spurs in the first round (but what a series that would be!).

I don’t know why I’m even mentioning this, but how damn good is Jeff Green. I guess when your one of two good players on the crappiest team in the league, your talent sticks out, but easily my favourite for Most Improved.

OJ and Rose are two incredible rookies. I enjoy watching OJ play now more than I did watching him play at USC-especially with his early exit from the tourny. College Basketball anyone? Speaking of Rose though, the Bulls will likely pull the trigger on a trade very soon. Kirk Heinrich will be gone and make a solid point guard for another team. They’ve got a lot of young talent still and a lot of trade bait. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amare or Shawn Marion to end up in the red uniform in an arena near you.

Too much to even talk about, but….WOW what a great first half of the season!