It appears that the New York Knicks will likely ink old timer, veteran, grampa (whatever you want to call him) Allan Houston.  After being out of the league for quite a while now due to injuries, Houston will attempt a comeback with the team he last played with.  It wasn’t thaaaaat long ago that Houston was tearing up the courts in New York.  He established himself as one of the purest shooters in the game during his prime.  Although long out of his prime, Houston brings a lot of veteran leadership to the table that is greatly needed in the big apple.  I still remember when Houston played for Detroit.  He formed an amazing backcourt with non other than current Pistons President and legend, Joe Dumars.  Together, those two knocked down every shot.  Unfortunately, the Pistons didn’t have much success during those years and are much better off nowadays.  For Houston, coming back to the Knicks gives him a chance to finish his career on the court, rather than finishing due to causes out of his control.  It really is a win-win situation for Houston and the Knicks.  Hopefully the old man will last.


My man Marc Stein over at ESPN recently broke down the oldies who are flirting with comebacks.  He brings up a couple of new names that might be next on the list of comeback announcers.  Some notables include Sprewell, Charles Oakley, and….MJ?  You gotta check it out!

The most ideal guy would be Charles Oakley.  If he’s in game shape, he’s perfect for scrapping for boards, and he was always a great shooter from 15-17 feet.  The main reason I’d get him would be for leadership!  A team like Dallas should be on their hands and knees begging this guy for his business.  I’m sure Marc Cuban could think of a good dollar figure for the grampa.


I’m praying for it, and I know you are too.  Back in the days when Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway was dominating the league with the Orlando Magic, alongside Shaq Diesel, Penny came out with a series of commercials featuring a “mini-me” named Lil’ Penny.  At the time, these commercials were hilarious!  They were the first good NBA player commercials in my books.  And this brings us to today.  Most of us have forgotten about Penny, due to him suffering from injuries over the years.  But this could be the comeback of the century!  Penny signed with the Miami Heat today.  Okay, it won’t be anywhere near the comeback of the century, but Penny could provide a decent scorer off the bench.  I’d take him over Antoine Walker any day.  Penny signing with the Heat seems appropriate with all the oldies rumoured to make a comeback (ie:  Allan Houston and Reggie Miller).  I put him in the same category seeing as how he’s barely played in the past couple years.  But I feel Penny still has something to prove.  I think he still has some game left, and could show it if given the opportunity.  I hope the Heat give him some minutes and by mid-season we will be seeing more Lil’ Penny!