All you read about these days is how Kobe Bryant won’t show up to training camp because the Lakers didn’t make any significant off season moves.  As well, you’ll hear that Andre Kirilenko wants out of Utah and wants to play elsewhere, even overseas.  Do you really think these guys’ teams will let them get away with the lazy approach?  I don’t think so!  Firstly, Kobe is a ball player before he’s a business man.  He’s not the type to hold out.  He’s a guy that loves the game, and would rather ball than sit on the sideline.  Ultimately, this guy is a leader.  What kind of a leader doesn’t show up on day one, or holds out in the middle of the season (see A.I. missing practice-its just practice).  This isn’t Kobe’s style, so I wouldn’t be in any rush to buy the hype.  Onto AK47.  This guy is under contract with the Jazz.  He’s clearly getting overpaid, and doesn’t even fit into Jerry Sloan’s system.  If I were him though, I’d stick around.  The Jazz have something great going on, nearly making it to the finals last year.  Beyond that, he’s making wayyy more money than he’s even worth.  It would be in his best interest to stick around for the remainder of his contract, and then go travel the world, play ball, or whatever it is he wants to do afterwards.

On a side note, I apologize to the loyal readers as I’ve been taking long absences away from the blog.  Life gets busy sometimes, and you just have to roll with it.  My goal is to keep back on my game though, so keep checking back.

Finally…practice?  This never gets old!