Recently I took part in one of my favourite events of the whole year.  Fantasy Basketball Draft!  This will be my third year in a league with some friends.  This year we have 14 people, and it seems like a tradition now that I have a terrible position in the draft, the 12th pick overall.  With my hopes of finally getting a Kobe, KG or LeBron, that obviously quickly went down the drain.  Even worse off, I felt I just had to take Tim Duncan with my first pick.  I hate Tim Duncan (watching him play=boring.  It’s like watching an elementary coach teach his team the fundamentals of how to hit a jump shot off the backboard).  Beyond that though, I was really happy with my 2nd to 6th picks.  Below is my team in order of which round I drafted them in.    I think Mikki Moore will have a 10 and 10 year, and Grant Hill promises to be extremely solid if he can stay healthy.  What about Yiiiiiiiiiii?  Someone please tell me this guy’s going to be a star this year!  As for J. Maxiell, I know I could have probably grabbed him off of waivers early, but hey, I love this guy and hopefully he gets a lot of minutes off the bench with McDyess starting at an older age.  Either way, I think I’m in great shape for another exciting season of Fantasy Basketball

1.  Tim Duncan

2.  Andre Iguodala

3.  Baron Davis

4.  Tyson Chandler

5.  Mike Miller

6.  Mo Williams

7.  Mike Dunleavy

8.  Mikki Moore

9.  Grant Hill

10.  Yi Jianlian

11.  Brevin Knight

12.  Jason Maxiell


Chauncey Billups might have not won the NBA championship or MVP trophies this year, but he sure did hit the jackpot!  ESPN has reported that Mr. Billups has unofficially officially agreed to sign a five year contract, worth an estimated $60.5 million.  That should be enough to keep Chauncey all smiles for at least another five years.  He became the outright leader and captain of the Pistons when Ben Wallace left for Chicago.  He now provides the Pistons with an all-star point guard that will be a key factor in hauling in some more talent, most likely for the bench.  Since Grant Hill is out of the running, another great option (although at a different position) is Brevin Knight.  He was able to pull off 9 points and 6.6 assists, while suffering part of the season on the sidelines with injuries.  He would be an amazing point guard to backup Chauncey off the bench.  Flip Saunders (I still have no idea why the Pistons didn’t fire this guy) would have no trouble or lack of confidence bringing Knight into the game, when the team needs a little mix up.  Whether Knight is willing to come off the bench is unknown, but if he’s thinking about winning a championship, he is not the guy to lead a team at the one guard.  Regardless of who the Pistons might get, all Pistons fans can celebrate with a sigh of relief, knowing that Chau- Chau- Chaunceyyyyyy B-B-B-B-B-Billllllllupppppppps will be back in the lineup for another adventurous season of trying to make it happen for the bad boys in the red, white and blue.


Should the Pistons put some effort into getting Brevin Knight?