Bibby Needs the Cavs…

July 18, 2007


…just as much as the Cavs need Mike Bibby.  If I were in the Cavs front office ( I’m talking to you Danny Ferry!) I would be working day and night to acquire this guy.  Unfortunately, the days of Larry Hughes being a reliable point guard in any sense are over.  His days when he was with the 76ers are done.  It’s time to get rid of this guy, and bring in Mike Bibby!  With Bibby, the Cavs would have another offensive weapon, and the guy can dish the ball pretty well too (4.7 assists per day last season).  The Cavs couldn’t pull off the championship last year because LeBron just couldn’t do it by himself.  Sure, Daniel Gibson stepped up a lot, especially for a young guy.  But, how reliable can you be on that guy?  He’ll shine when there is no pressure on him.  With Bibby, LeBron would have a feasible option in his point guard.  Bibby is capable of scoring 30+ point per game.  On the other side of things, Bibby truly needs to get out of Sac town. By signing Mikki Moore, they are taking good baby steps towards a good future.  The key word “future”.  I’m sure Bibby is in the position where he wants to win, and win now!  The Cavs proved that they have the team to contend.  It would be hard ruling out the Cavs with Bibby running the point.