Eddie Jones to be a Mav

August 5, 2007


Eddie Jones is reportedly going to sign with the Dallas Mavericks.  This was a pretty sneaky signing by the Mavs.  I just can’t really see where Jones will come into the rotation.  At guard, he’s already competing for time with Jerry Stackhouse and Devin Harris, along with Jason Terry.  I think from the Mavs point of view, Jones is more of an insurance policy.  This guy has proven he’s still got game, and given a chance, he’ll show it!  With Stackhouse getting up there in age, he could be due for a mid-season injury, especially when he plays a lot of minutes.  Also, this could push Stackhouse a bit to compete with Jones for playing time.  It will keep both of them in game shape and in the right mind set.  Ultimately, it’ll keep these two competitive.  I still think Eddie Jones has another four or five years left before retirement.  Especially in the playoffs, this guy will be paying huge dividends.  He’s a true leader and that’s what this team needs.