Alright, so I’m sure a lot of you are like me.  Right now, you’re thinking that everything going on with the NBA is so boring.  How much more can we drag on the Tim Donaghy situation.  Other than that, all the good free agents are off the market, and there’s just nothing exciting for NBA fans to look at.  That is why I purpose this:

“Summer Slam”

Summer Slam would be similar to all-star weekend, except there wouldn’t be any voting.  It would be optional for all players.  It would consist of all the All-star Saturday night festivities: including a dunk contest, 3-pointer contest, skills challenge, and a street ball game.  This is a great idea because it gives NBA fans something to get excited about.  Inevitably, most of the good all-star type players will not take part, that’s why the hype around the all-star break during the season is second to none.  But think about all those young players, within their first 4 years in the league.  Those guys will jump at an opportunity to play.  Those are the kind of guys you want in a dunk contest.  They’re fun to watch!  As well, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard getting the shooters out for a little challenge.  It also gives the younger players a chance to get a little more camera time.  Any sports television network would pick this up, too.  They would feign on it.  It wouldn’t even cost the league that much, but instead, it would bring them a lot more business.  Think of holding all of this outdoors, say in New York.  It would turn into a whole festival (much bigger than Hoop-It-Up).  There would be a tonne of merchandise being sold, as well it would keep fans tuned in to the happenings in the league.  I’m calling you out David Stern, and whoever is in your executive that is in charge of business development.  Make it happen!


Maybe even host “Summer Slam” at the Rucker?