Yes, the agents. I’m not talking like they just won a playoff series. I’m talking like these agents are the Superbowl MVPs. These brilliant men have hooked themselves up with some of the finest athletes in the world. For that connection, they get rewarded on a scale us dreamers could only wish we were on. For that, the true Kudos goes out to Andy Miller, Tony Dutt, and Rob Pelinka. Who are these fine gentlemen you might be asking? In the business, they are known as ( in order): Chauncey Billups’ agent, Rashard Lewis’ agent and Gerald Wallace’s agent. When General Managers of teams are crying when their big stars’ contracts are up, these agents are licking their chops, planning out a way to get their client, as well as themselves, the top dollar. After all this agent talk, how can you not bring up Jeremy Piven, aka Ari Gold from the HBO show Entourage. Piven seems so comfortable in that role of a celebrity agent, it gets you wondering how effective he would be in real life? If I was a young player like Greg Oden, I would much rather have Piven on my side rather than ex-teamate Mike Conley Jr.’s dad repping me. This just proves Oden’s lack of maturity. If he was smart, true agents are the ones to represent you, not a friend’s dad. Although Oden gives “trust” as the main reason why, this is kind of a stupid move. I’m sure all the other basketball agents are laughing at Oden’s agent, knowing they could have got the number one overall pick more money and better endorsements.

Wouldn’t you rather have this guy trying to make you top dollar?


It has definitely been day of random craziness in the NBA.  One of the most hyped draft picks, Greg Oden, is out for the rest of summer league play!  I feel bad for all those people paying that extra $5 a month in their cable packages so they could watch all of Portland’s summer league games.  I hope those fans enjoy LaMarcus Aldridge too.  Apparently Oden needs to get his tonsils out.  That’s pretty weak.  Next, Ron Artest has decided he wants to stay in Sacramento.  Does anyone know why?  He’s up for another season of getting nowhere?  That’s my best rationale.  The Kings clearly don’t have a chance in hell to get anywhere in the West.  He would have been smart to join Zach Randolph and rebuilding/ playoff potential Knicks in the weak East.  Hopefully Artest will opt out next year, and come to his senses, and finally join a contender.  He is a talented player, and can play a key role for a team trying to contend.  Finally, Darko.  Yes, inevitably, someone wants Darko.  The 76ers aren’t keen with Joe Smith, as he is getting a little old.  Isn’t he like 80 by now?  Anyways, Phili is trying to get Darko on board.  Can you see a lineup featuring Iguodala, Andre Miller, Darko, Dalembert, and Kyle Korver?  It sounds like a weirrrrd team on the floor.  I can’t see that group mixing well, as Darko is a bit slower than those faster, up-tempo guys.  Darko is meant  to be in a half court offense.  He’s not a hussler, and hasn’t really shown a true work ethic.  To me, he’s still overrated, and will probably get more money than he deserves.  Phili, save yourself, and start aiming for Mikki Moore!




After reading ESPN’s article about tomorrow’s crazy showdown of inhumane eating, I had a thought. With all the hype surrounding Kobayashi along with all the hype of this year’s NBA draft, I pose a question. Would you rather see a showdown of Kobayashi vs. Chestnut in a hot dog eating contest in HD, or would you rather a one-on-one game of classic street basketball between the top two picks of Oden and Durant? Personally, I’ve never watched Kobayashi but I can’t help but get caught up in all the excitement that surrounds this little Asian man. I will be tuning in tomorrow to try and catch a glimpse of the “action” or at least some highlights. But when all is said and done, a feud between Durant and Oden would be priceless, especially with such hype surrounding both of these guys. There hasn’t been this much hype on two guys coming out of the draft since LeBron James. I would end up putting my money on Durant, as his speed and agility would overwhelm Oden. When it comes to eating, how about Oden vs. Kobayashi? I wonder….


Who would win one-on-one in a street ball match?