Is Yi For Real?

August 3, 2007


It was reported that our man from China, Yi Jianlian scored 28 point in a game with fellow Chinamen against players from the NBDL.  Does this show that Yi can keep up and succeed in American style basketball?  If you take the summer league and this game into consideration, you’re probably thinking this guy is for real.  I think one very important aspect is forgotten, though.  In all the games during this summer, Yi has only played with his fellow Chinamen.  He has yet to team up with American players and play alongside them in their style of game.  It has yet to be seen if Yi can gel in American style basketball.  It’s the same type of thing when American players go play in Europe.  Critics are very skeptical (as it is their job to be) about if certain players can fit into that style of play.  Personally, I feel if Yi does end up in the NBA ever, it’ll take him a few games, maybe a week or two of games, before he starts to feel comfortable in his settings, but overall I see this guy being successful over here.  It will show how different basketball is played around the world.  I remember sitting in my hotel room in Jerusalem one night and watching Israeli basketball, and these guys could shoot the lights out!  Anthony Parker is just the start to what is going to come out of that country.  There are huge basketball markets in various countries, and the scary part is that some of them have yet to be tapped.