After reading this article about Grant Hill probably going to the Suns, I’m outraged! He deemed the Suns the best fit for him, but how is this true? At this point in his career, GH is looking for a title. The main obstacle standing in front of him to any success is staying healthy. How can the Suns fast-paced, run and gun style be a perfect fit for him? After 5 ankle surgeries, those tender parts are bound to break down after a few practices in a fast paced environment. GH used to be a high-flyer, but now he’d fit better in a slow paced offense, such as in Detroit. The Pistons half-court style offense would be less demanding on GH’s ankles. With respect to Hill, he is probably looking at more championship potential than a good fit. Even though he says a better fit is more important, a good fit for him at this point in his career means a team that can win him a championship. There isn’t a doubt in the league that the Phoenix Suns are just as on the brink of a championship than any other team. If GH can stay healthy and contribute on a consistent level, the Suns might be onto something great. Wasn’t this their goal when they signed one Jalen Rose? I would even say if Hill has a terrible first half of the season, we can all officially call this the Jalen Rose Curse, soon to be in dictionaries at your local bookstore. Realistically, it isn’t fair to compare the two, as GH still has more gas left in the tank than Rose did when he came to Phoenix. At this point, do the Suns have enough pieces to win a championship? Is GH the final piece of the puzzle? Only time will tell.