College standout (before entering the league in 2002) Casey Jacobsen has signed a one-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, probably not worth a lot of money. Why is this significant? Why would I even bring up someone who hasn’t even played in the league recently? I do so because this guy was a star in college at Stanford. The more I thought about it, he reminded me of Jason Kopono. I would put them on the same level. If you remember Kopono’s early years on the league, he was practically a nobody as well. Once Miami gave him some serious minutes, he started to prove what he is about. I feel this will be the case with Jacobsen. With Memphis, he might have the opportunity to break out of his shell and become a top shooter in the league as the hype that surrounded him when he entered into the league suggested. Mark my words, Casey Jacobsen WILL be this season’s Jason Kopono. Watch out!

(Due to Jacobsen not being any good in the NBA YET, I could not find a YouTube video to post of how good he really is. Damn)

-I just received a tip for a little Casey Jacobsen footage playing in Germany.  This guy has a sweet stroke, and the rest of his game isn’t too shabby either.  (Thanks to BluntFam for the tip!)