All this talk of KG for MVP, but the real Most Valuable of the Garnett family is Brandi, Kevin’s wife!  Check her out!  Quite the fitty.


I’ve gotta give a little credit to my man Bill Simmons over at ESPN.  The guy writes a great article (although he does do it for a living, so it better be damn good!).  His most recent post was about, of course, the KG trade.  Check it out here.  But as he’s describing his take on the situation, he made a fantastic poker analogy that I thought I’d share.

When talking about Danny Ainge taking a risk on the trade:

“For Ainge, the Allen trade was going all-in for the flush and the KG trade was getting that fifth diamond on the river. Of course, he’s also the reason we were low on chips in the first place, but that’s the thing about poker — even during the most dire times, you’re always one lucky hand away from turning things around. ”

I’m sure all poker fans out there are smiling right now, saying “mannnn that was deep!”




Photoes from AP.


It’s a done deal, folks!  Our man Kevin Garnett is on his way to Beantown.  Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to have the Celtics back as a powerhouse ( even though I cheer for a different East team ).  Regardless, this type of blockbuster trade is what the NBA needed right now.  I haven’t heard Tim Donaghy’s name in 2 days!  I apologize for even bringing it up.  Now, onto the show, let’s look into the deal.  The T-Wolves get a lot of great potential, especially in Al Jefferson.  That guy’s phenomenal and is not even fully developed yet.  At the end of the day, he’s no KG.  As for the Celtics, they’re the true winners in this trade, in my opinion of course.  Firstly, I can’t get over the offensive power the Celtics have.  After many blog debates (including here on Clutch 3), I’ve come to this conclusion as to why these guys will be so success.  The Big 3 consists of one dominant post player (KG) and two perimeter players that can drive the lane (Allen and Pierce).  The primary option will be to post up KG.   With his skills, he will always require a double team.  When teams used to do that to KG, they might leave Ricky Davis or Troy Hudson open.  Now it’s a lot riskier.  What team would ever think about leaving Ray Allen open?  You’d have to be nuts.  Okay, even if they cover Allen, on the other side is Paul Pierce!  The Celtics have become a defensive nightmare for the opposition.  The best part about the Big 3 are the egos.  They aren’t young anymore and they are going to be focused on winning.  I guarantee any of the Big 3 will give up the ball if the other is open, even though it might not paten their stats.  Also, these guys aren’t old either.  People who say KG is out of his prime are crazy.  He’s still has years to go.  I really back Danny Ainge’s move in the front offices and send him my sincere KUDOS!


Alright, so Kevin Garnett might be a Celtic. Firstly…wow!  Did any of you seriously see this coming?  It quite possibly will go through today.  I hope it does.  The fans and the league need this.  I need this!  Okay, so lets take a closer look.  The deal mostly comes down to KG and Al Jefferson.  Sure, Gerald Green might turn into a decent player in best case scenario, or he could be the next Fred Jones.  Sebastian Telfair…meh?  Theo Ratliff’s career is practically over, so as I said, it comes down to Al Jefferson.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Al Jefferson is going to be a star.  Mark my words, he will!  But what it really comes down to, is whether he will be the next KG?  Not even the slightest chance.  KG is in a league of his own.  With the Celtics, he’d actually have a legitimate chance to win a championship, where before, I already considered him one of the greatest players in league history that never won a championship.  Can you ever see Al Jefferson reaching this level?  Most will argue he is still young, which is fair.  But lets be practical.  It’s not happening, and the Celtics will come out on top of this trade.  Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett….wow!

With these three guys, anything less than a championship would be a dissappointment

KG wants to Stay…Why?

July 17, 2007


It was reported by the boys at TwinCities that Kevin Garnett has decided he wants to stay in Mini. He doesn’t mind playing with the younger guys. Has this guy lost his mind? The serious trade talks were probably the best thing that ever happened to him. I would have turned religious and prayed that one of the rumours actually played out. Seriously, could you imagine KG and Steve Nash? How can you deny that combo a championship, especially with Barbosa and all the other boys there too. Oh well. I hope KG doesn’t actually think he can win a championship in Mini. The T-Wolves are a long way away from even being a contender, especially in the West. KG might be one of the best players of all time to retire without a championship, along with Karl Malone,etc. If I were him, I would be DEMANDING a trade. Screw the good ties with the city, it’s time to make an icon out of himself in another city. I’m sure there isn’t one team in the league that wouldn’t want that face hanging on a banner outside their arena. Plus, who doesn’t love this Adidas commercial…