Lakers In Need

October 5, 2007


Apparently the Lakers are in need of a couple of players.  They might even be desperate.  So, if you’re interested in joining the Lakers this season, please submit a comment to this post with your name and why you think you’d be the best addition to the Lakers.  Also, you can add your favourite current or past Laker, and the number you would take if chosen.  All will be taken into consideration by Lakers management, as there is a desperate need for ANYONE!


It sounds like it’s getting close!  Jermaine O’Neal might be a Laker sooner than later.  The prospective trade would involve Lamar Odem and Andrew Bynum for O’Neal.  This would be a great trade for the Lakers, and for Kobe Bryant.  KB would finally have an inside presence to take some pressure off him (since Shaq Diesel of course).  O’Neal also provides a great 15 foot jump shot touch, which spreads out the defense.  I could see him knocking down that shot all season, after KB drives and dishes to him over and over again.  The big risk is O’Neals repetitive injuries.  To me, this is irrelevant, because Odem is the same way. Inevitably, they’re both going to miss some games due to bad knees.   As for Bynum, he has shown flashes of being a good player, but he’s just potential for now. He still has a couple years before he becomes a primary option in an offense.  The Lakers NEED to make this move if they want to keep Kobe.  Otherwise, it’d be interesting to see Kobe and Jermaine O’Neal rendezvous to another team together.  Think it’s possible?????

In honour of my man Kobe Bryant, I’m putting up a solid Top 10 Kobe Dunks….I personally love Sean Elliot and Steve Nash getting jumped over…ridddddddiculous!


As all the rumours are floating around, Kobe Bryant and his beautiful wife Vanessa are on the verge of separating.  All the Clutch 3 readers may remember Mrs. Kobe from the very first “Hottest Hoops Wife” article a little while back.  I’m not sure what the deal is between then, but no pre-nup was signed, so Mrs. Kobe will be a very rich single momma.  On the other side of things, is this symbolic of what’s to come?  Are the Lakers and Kobe ready to divorce?  If you ask me, I don’t think so.  I still don’t see where he’s going to go.  I think we’ve seen the last of the big trades after KG went to Boston.  Could you really see Kobe throwing out the first pitch anywhere else than in LA?  I don’t think so, and I doubt the guy is a great baseball player to start with.  Laker fans, get ready for another season of Kobe stardom. I’ve already got him at the top ( well, top 3) of my fantasy draft.  Gotta love em.

Check out Mrs. Kobe here.



Yup. It’s true. Finally released is footage and audio, featuring Kobe Byrant saying “get a Bulls uniform, fellows” after a man told Kobe to stay. Also Kobe outright calls Dr. Bus an idiot in the audio file. I couldn’t believe my eyes ( and my ears) when I saw this site. Apparently the owners of this video and audio were offered $100,000 by a Laker fan with the intention of never releasing it to the public, though the owners wanted to do exactly that. In addition, the New York Times wrote:

“The owners of the video, which was apparently taken without Bryant’s knowledge, had set out to make $100,000 (in increments of $2 pledges), before releasing it to the public. However, a counter on their Web site showed only about 12,000 pledges as of Wednesday afternoon. A spokesman for the group, which has remained anonymous, said it wanted the video released on N.B.A. draft day, when interest in the league would be high. ” See this full article here.

This just comes to show how quickly any rumour becomes reality. Kobe should know he’s in the spotlight 24/7 and should watch what he says, and especially who he talks to.