I was one of the fortunate people to grab Joe in the past couple years, as he was overlooked by many of the “expert” rankers.  This year, as I gear up for another crazy year of fantasy basketball, I notice in my yahoo rankings that they have placed Joe as the #37 ranked player.  This doesn’t seem unreasonable at first glance, considering all the great players in the league these days.  It does seem unreasonable, though, when you take a look at some of the guys in front of him.  One spot in front was Brandon Roy.  Although he was a super rookie, it seems many experts are predicting him to have an outstanding year!  I know I’d take Joe Johnson on my team anyday before Roy.  Further up the list is Jason Richardson at #29.  I agree that JRich should move up the list this year now that he’s with a new team, and has a more primary role.  Unfortunately, I don’t see this guy one the same level with Johnson.  Richardson is more of a plain scorer, where as Johnson really does have an all-around game.  Finally, and most shocking to me, was Gerald Wallace at the #24 spot.  Although these two play completely different positions, I can’t see how Wallace will put up better numbers than Johnson.  In the world of fantasy ball, it’s all about the stat line.  In this case, do these guys actually think that Gerald Wallace is due to out-produce Joe Johnson?  Making the rankings is no easy job, but hey, some of it is common sense to me.  Joe Johnson, once again, has been overlooked, and will be a HUGE steal in many fantasy drafts.  Happy drafting!