I just want to point out that Tim Donaghy is not the only referee out there betting or gambling.  I have always felt these guys are very corrupt.  They don’t make anywhere near the amount of the players, yet they have so much more control of the game.  The odds of getting caught are very slim, as there are people out there that put their life into these scandals.  If I were a ref, I’d probably be in on a game or two as well.  If you asked me before Tim Donaghy was the main suspect to the crime, my money would have been on Joey Crawford.  The way he t’d up Tim Duncan for laughing was so suspicious in my mind.  I laughed for a while, tried to figure out why, but then I got very suspicious.  To be honest, I’m not too familiar with Donaghy, but I’m sure within the next couple days, the video editing guys will be posting many clips on YouTube of him making weirdo calls, and we’ll all be hitting ourselves and saying, “man, how did we never realize?”  The only prediction I bring to the table today is that this isn’t the last of the crack-down in corrupt refereeing.  You’re next, Joey Crawford!!!!