The Return of Penny!!

October 20, 2007


FINALLY!  Penny Hardaway is back!  He’s older, he’s  slower, and deffinitely not as good.  Why I’m a so excited?  I’m hoping Penny shows up all the critics, and has at least one game where he scores about 20 points.  I know it’d make mine and all other long-time Penny fans extremely happy.

He participated in his first preseason game.  Read all about it  here

Maybe Lil’ Penny’s on his way back to????

I found a great clip of all the best crossovers from the past. Some notables include:

-Penny Hardaway!

-Allan Iverson crossing up..Michael Jordan!

-Stevie Franchise ( back when he was Stevie Franchise with Houston)

-Yao falling after getting crossed-up

-Michael Finley giving a dirty look after a wicked cross

Check it out. You decide who’s the best…