Marion Is Kind Of An Idiot

September 28, 2007


Shawn Marion really is kind of an idiot.  In case you’ve been on vacation this past week, Shawn Marion has publicly announced that he wants out of Phoenix.  Yes, this is the same place and team that holds Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire.  Why you might ask?  Pretty much because Marion’s not getting any love.  It sounds to me like he used to be an attention kid growing up.  Why would he ever ask to be off a team that is soooo close to a championship?  After signing Grant Hill, the Suns seem like a front runner, more so than ever to win the west.  In a weird way, I understand where Marion is coming from.  He doesn’t receive very much credit for his production.  His numbers speak volumes, yet the first two names when mentioning Phoenix is Steve and Amare.  He’s nearly the Alfred to the Batman and Robin tandem (okay, not that extreme).  But at the end of the day, Marion will likely be traded to a team that isn’t in half as good as a position as the Suns are.  It’s just not worth it to move.  If his ultimate goal is to win a championship, he would stay with Phoenix.  If he does get traded, I would expect his numbers to actually decrease.  Marion is a guy that is not a first option in an offense.  Rather, he gets his points and rebounds off of loose balls.  He picks up the garbage.  Without Steve Nash driving the lane, he won’t be as open.  As well, Amare pulls defenses onto him, often creating open looks for Marion cutting into the lane.  With any other team, these type of points and boards won’t be gained.  I think he needs to take a step back and look at the big picture.  He’s still young (ish), making a boat load of money, and might possibly win a championship this year.  Why Leave?!?!  What An Idiot.

kerr1.jpgOkay, strong statement, especially with Danny Ainge making more noise than any other exec. On the other hand out of all the NBA executives to be impressed with, I never thought 3-point King Steve Kerr would be one of them. Firstly, how did this guy ever get this job? After asking a friend why in the world a front-running organization would hire a freshly retired, just out of commentating school ex-player? My friend assured me that Kerr is a brilliant basketball mind. At the time, I wasn’t sold, although now I’m starting to see the light. After sneaking under the table and stealing Grant Hill (for free, well, almost), there is talks that the Suns and vet P.J. Brown might come to terms. The only thing pending is whether P.J. wants to play or retire. I have to say, I’ve never really been a big fan of Brown, and he’s really not that exciting to watch. I support this move fully because he is a very solid and consistent guy that could come in the game and make an impact (much better than Kurt Thomas). Best of all, he brings leadership. With Brown and Hill popping off the bench, these guys would be in great shape. Let’s just hope Brown and Hill are is great shape so their season’s don’t end early (which could be very likely, especially Hill). I’m just wondering what Steve Kerr is saying to these guys to bring them in. The team truly speaks for itself, but so does many other organizations. It takes a good pitch from a respectable guy to bring in great talent. I feel when Kerr was younger, he was an expert puzzle maker because he’s putting together a complicated puzzle that might finally be solved


KG wants to Stay…Why?

July 17, 2007


It was reported by the boys at TwinCities that Kevin Garnett has decided he wants to stay in Mini. He doesn’t mind playing with the younger guys. Has this guy lost his mind? The serious trade talks were probably the best thing that ever happened to him. I would have turned religious and prayed that one of the rumours actually played out. Seriously, could you imagine KG and Steve Nash? How can you deny that combo a championship, especially with Barbosa and all the other boys there too. Oh well. I hope KG doesn’t actually think he can win a championship in Mini. The T-Wolves are a long way away from even being a contender, especially in the West. KG might be one of the best players of all time to retire without a championship, along with Karl Malone,etc. If I were him, I would be DEMANDING a trade. Screw the good ties with the city, it’s time to make an icon out of himself in another city. I’m sure there isn’t one team in the league that wouldn’t want that face hanging on a banner outside their arena. Plus, who doesn’t love this Adidas commercial…


The day has finally come. After weeks of hype, the boys can finally sign on the dotted line. Probably the top free-agent of this off-season was Chauncey Billups. After flirting with the idea of leaving the red, white and blue, he couldn’t resist yet another title run, alongside backcourt mate Rip Hamilton. These two guys seem like they’ll never part each other. Why would they? Arguably, they are the best backcourt in basketball today. They have my vote forsure. The surprise of the off-season ( thus far) was Rashard Lewis. Did anyone see him going to Orlando before all the rumours swarmed? It will be interesting to see Rashard and Dwight Howard trying to make the Magic a contender in the weak east. I personally don’t see them improving in the standing from last season. I can’t see them beating Washington, let alone the Bulls, Pistons, Cavs, etc. They need another piece to the puzzle. Hopefully, Magic management plan are pursuing some more pieces. As Lewis enters the Magic, Grant Hill decides to leave. The most sought after starter-to-bench-player decided he would be best fit in with the Phoenix Suns. Whether he’ll last the whole season seems to be the biggest mystery. Will GH survive the intensity of the Suns’ run-and-gun offense? For the price they paid, who cares? He was a steal. Even though these guys are signed, sealed and delivered, there is still another 3 months for some serious trades to go down. KG or Kobe? I can’t wait to find out.








After reading this article about Grant Hill probably going to the Suns, I’m outraged! He deemed the Suns the best fit for him, but how is this true? At this point in his career, GH is looking for a title. The main obstacle standing in front of him to any success is staying healthy. How can the Suns fast-paced, run and gun style be a perfect fit for him? After 5 ankle surgeries, those tender parts are bound to break down after a few practices in a fast paced environment. GH used to be a high-flyer, but now he’d fit better in a slow paced offense, such as in Detroit. The Pistons half-court style offense would be less demanding on GH’s ankles. With respect to Hill, he is probably looking at more championship potential than a good fit. Even though he says a better fit is more important, a good fit for him at this point in his career means a team that can win him a championship. There isn’t a doubt in the league that the Phoenix Suns are just as on the brink of a championship than any other team. If GH can stay healthy and contribute on a consistent level, the Suns might be onto something great. Wasn’t this their goal when they signed one Jalen Rose? I would even say if Hill has a terrible first half of the season, we can all officially call this the Jalen Rose Curse, soon to be in dictionaries at your local bookstore. Realistically, it isn’t fair to compare the two, as GH still has more gas left in the tank than Rose did when he came to Phoenix. At this point, do the Suns have enough pieces to win a championship? Is GH the final piece of the puzzle? Only time will tell.