kerr1.jpgOkay, strong statement, especially with Danny Ainge making more noise than any other exec. On the other hand out of all the NBA executives to be impressed with, I never thought 3-point King Steve Kerr would be one of them. Firstly, how did this guy ever get this job? After asking a friend why in the world a front-running organization would hire a freshly retired, just out of commentating school ex-player? My friend assured me that Kerr is a brilliant basketball mind. At the time, I wasn’t sold, although now I’m starting to see the light. After sneaking under the table and stealing Grant Hill (for free, well, almost), there is talks that the Suns and vet P.J. Brown might come to terms. The only thing pending is whether P.J. wants to play or retire. I have to say, I’ve never really been a big fan of Brown, and he’s really not that exciting to watch. I support this move fully because he is a very solid and consistent guy that could come in the game and make an impact (much better than Kurt Thomas). Best of all, he brings leadership. With Brown and Hill popping off the bench, these guys would be in great shape. Let’s just hope Brown and Hill are is great shape so their season’s don’t end early (which could be very likely, especially Hill). I’m just wondering what Steve Kerr is saying to these guys to bring them in. The team truly speaks for itself, but so does many other organizations. It takes a good pitch from a respectable guy to bring in great talent. I feel when Kerr was younger, he was an expert puzzle maker because he’s putting together a complicated puzzle that might finally be solved