It seems like the Pistons are going to be moving Rasheed Wallace into the center spot, allowing Antonio McDyess to move into the starting lineup.  Although having Dice moving into the starting lineup sounds great on paper, this significant adjustment is quite harmful for the boys in red, white and blue.  To start out, Sheed isn’t a true center.  He’s fantastic power forward who can post up down low and drain the 3-ball.  Having Dice allows Sheed to get more room posting up, and will in fact force him to post up more often (as opposed to settling for shots from 3).  For those that don’t remember, Dice went through a serious injury and is even lucky to make such a brilliant recovery from it.  Having him come off the bench and play a respectable role was a perfect spot for him.  In this lineup, he’ll be forced to play more minutes than his body can probably handle, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go down in the middle of the season because of the demand the lineup change will put on him.  Now, Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson will be the primary big men coming off the bench.  Although Maxiell is one of the better up-and-coming younger big men in the league, he’s not at the point to become the Dice-like 6th man.  As for Amir Johnson, the Pistons gave him a lot of money and have high hopes that he’ll perform like he did in the D-league.  He is a huge gamble.  To me, this kind of move is showing that of a team who’s in the middle of something in between a rebuilding year and contending year.  It’s a hybrid that doesn’t seem to make any sense.  The Pistons still have an amazing young core of guys in the starting roles, and should have made a move, or still should make a move for some more depth.  Having Dice coming off the bench was probably a plan B or C.  Joe D and the boys in the front office need to start working on Plan A and cook up some magic.


After all the craziness that is going down with Tim Donaghy, I couldn’t help but chuckle with all the other Rasheed Wallace fans.  If you can remember, several years ago, Sheed was suspended for over a week for threatening a ref in the parking lot.  It just so happened it was none other than Mr. Tim Donaghy.  Now, like many other Sheed fans, we love him because he’s so cocky and confident.  You always feel like he will always get his own.  This time, Sheed got a little payback.  Some great articles about the story at:


Need4Sheed ( a personal favourite of mine )


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…Mrs. Kobe Bryant.  To be exact, Vanessa Bryant!  She really is a piece of work.  If you do your reserach too, you can find out what  a lot of the player’s wives looked like. Check out this post by HoopsVibe.  Great work with all the research to those guys.   I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mrs. Rasheed Wallace at a Pistons game once.  If I can dig up the picture, I will post, but lets just say she wasn’t all that enthusiastic about taking it.  Sheed deffinitely knows how to dress her up in Gucci and Gold.  Without further adue…Mrs. Kobe….



Is she the top or is there someone even more worthy of this title????