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August 16, 2007

As not too much is going on in the league, there’s not a whole lot to report on. Here’s a little taste of what everyone’s saying:

Tim Donaghy. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about the guy. We all knew he was guilty. Check out The Feed’s article about Donaghy:

The Next Stage Of Donaghy-Induced Pain

Gilbert Arenas has posted another article on his blog. To me, he is hands down the best blogger out there. Still keeping it real. Check out End of the Bench’s article:

Did Gilbert Arenas Pay for the Whole Wedding?

Rumours are still circulating that Mike Bibby might be traded to Miami. I don’t think it’s worth it for Sac, as they won’t be gaining much. Check out the Basketball Blog’s article:

Will the Kings and Heat make a Mike Bibby trade?

Little Mark Cuban apparently got in a fight 15 years ago. It’s pretty funny article when you picture Cuban in the situation. Check it out at his blog, Blog Maverick:

My Last Fist Fight

Brandan Wright of the Warriors has his own blog. I love hearing about new players trying to keep up Agent Zero. Check out Golden State of Mind’s article:

Brandan Write?

Bibby Needs the Cavs…

July 18, 2007


…just as much as the Cavs need Mike Bibby.  If I were in the Cavs front office ( I’m talking to you Danny Ferry!) I would be working day and night to acquire this guy.  Unfortunately, the days of Larry Hughes being a reliable point guard in any sense are over.  His days when he was with the 76ers are done.  It’s time to get rid of this guy, and bring in Mike Bibby!  With Bibby, the Cavs would have another offensive weapon, and the guy can dish the ball pretty well too (4.7 assists per day last season).  The Cavs couldn’t pull off the championship last year because LeBron just couldn’t do it by himself.  Sure, Daniel Gibson stepped up a lot, especially for a young guy.  But, how reliable can you be on that guy?  He’ll shine when there is no pressure on him.  With Bibby, LeBron would have a feasible option in his point guard.  Bibby is capable of scoring 30+ point per game.  On the other side of things, Bibby truly needs to get out of Sac town. By signing Mikki Moore, they are taking good baby steps towards a good future.  The key word “future”.  I’m sure Bibby is in the position where he wants to win, and win now!  The Cavs proved that they have the team to contend.  It would be hard ruling out the Cavs with Bibby running the point.  


This guy is great!  I have to admit I’m a huge Mikki Moore fan.  After writing about him possibly going to this team and that team, this guy has decided to settle in Sacramento.  You know, you always think contenders are going to pick up these type of guys, but you can never rule out the hot cities or big city markets. That’s why any team from New York, Florida or California will always have a chance at ANY player available.  They have a serious advantage over all the other teams.  Back to Moore, last season he proved that he can play a consistent role at power forward.  By joining the Kings, he can fill that starter role, and give the team a more consistent look up front (inconsistent=Brad Miller and Shareef Abdur-Rahim).  These three guys will have a great rotation and with all the injuries, the team will have a little more security.  With a great backcourt in Kevin Martin and Mike Bibby(?), the Kings will have a great starting five (plus Artest).  Will these guys contend?  No.  There’s no real chance to see them back in the playoffs, unless they can develop an incredible team dynamic, which doesn’t seem so likely with Artest on board.  Do they have potential?  Definitely.  Kevin Martin is so talented and explosive, that if they can keep him and Bibby and get some more guys, then yes, these guys have a future.  But don’t expect ABC to be showing these guys on Sundays.


It has definitely been day of random craziness in the NBA.  One of the most hyped draft picks, Greg Oden, is out for the rest of summer league play!  I feel bad for all those people paying that extra $5 a month in their cable packages so they could watch all of Portland’s summer league games.  I hope those fans enjoy LaMarcus Aldridge too.  Apparently Oden needs to get his tonsils out.  That’s pretty weak.  Next, Ron Artest has decided he wants to stay in Sacramento.  Does anyone know why?  He’s up for another season of getting nowhere?  That’s my best rationale.  The Kings clearly don’t have a chance in hell to get anywhere in the West.  He would have been smart to join Zach Randolph and rebuilding/ playoff potential Knicks in the weak East.  Hopefully Artest will opt out next year, and come to his senses, and finally join a contender.  He is a talented player, and can play a key role for a team trying to contend.  Finally, Darko.  Yes, inevitably, someone wants Darko.  The 76ers aren’t keen with Joe Smith, as he is getting a little old.  Isn’t he like 80 by now?  Anyways, Phili is trying to get Darko on board.  Can you see a lineup featuring Iguodala, Andre Miller, Darko, Dalembert, and Kyle Korver?  It sounds like a weirrrrd team on the floor.  I can’t see that group mixing well, as Darko is a bit slower than those faster, up-tempo guys.  Darko is meant  to be in a half court offense.  He’s not a hussler, and hasn’t really shown a true work ethic.  To me, he’s still overrated, and will probably get more money than he deserves.  Phili, save yourself, and start aiming for Mikki Moore!



The latest rumour going around is that the New York Knicks could trade David Lee to the Sacramento Kings for non other than Ron Artest. Yes….Ron Artest! Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a very big fan of Artest’s game. He’s a very solid all-around player who can really add that final piece to the puzzle for any team. In this situation, though, is Artest a good influence on the Knicks? What I’m trying to get at is that New York could become home to the new Bad Boys of the 2007-2008 season. Pairing newly acquired Zach Randolph with Artest creates one of the scariest front courts in the game, let alone one of the scariest duos outside the arena. I’m sure if this trade goes down that the Knicks will try and keep Randolph and Artest in separate rooms on the road, and make sure they don’t end up touring around the visiting cities together. If they do, who knows what could happen? These guys are straight up bad asses. They would give the team a physical edge, but the Knicks will need to do some investing in their bench with the amount of suspension between these two. Both of these guys are considered gambles, regardless of what team they play on. I’m sure Isiah Thomas is thinking more basketball. Seriously, a front court of Zach Randolph, Ron Artest and Eddy Curry is pretty powerful and has the potential to go places. And I’m not just talking jail. Think about it.


Michael and Scotty, Stockton and Malone…Randolph and Artest? Hmmm…