I know lately I’ve been calling a lot of people names that aren’t so polite, so instead of ditching my rudeness, I figured I’d just put a little title on it so I can refer back to previous Idiots.  Everyone loves a good idiot.  Anyways, word on the street is that Varejao and Pavlovic of the Cleveland Cavliers have yet to show up to Cavs training camp.  To be quite honest, I think these guys are IDIOTS (bet you didn’t see that one coming).  Clearly the main problem here is money.  I know these two think they’re worth more than they’re being offered, but I truly don’t think either of the two are that great of players.  I genuinely believe the Cavs will not be back in the Finals, let alone the East finals.  Their title run last year was pretty fluky.  I still can’t believe they even got past the Pistons.  The boys from Motown really melted down, and seemed a little unusual how they kept losing those games.  Maybe a little Tim Donaghy style scam happened?  Probably not.  Back to the two clowns.  Even as the Cavs made it to the Finals, Pavlovic was garbage!  Both he and Larry Hughes were pretty useless, and it proved so in the actual Finals series again the Spurs.  As for Varajao, he is one of those up tempo energy players, but that’s about it.  He’s pretty physical, but all in all, not worth $10 milllion per season.  He’s a little full of himself for now, and needs a little kick in the ass.  With his clone Joakim Noah in the league, Varejao will likely get overlooked this season, as he rightfully should!  If Cleveland was smart, they would have used the money they were allotting to these guys, and searched for some more valuable talent and aggressively pursued it.  Instead, they’re stuck with two garbage players who think they’re 1000% better than they actually are!  Good work…idiots!


Since Luke Walton and Jason Kopono signed contracts for a good dollar (see article), apparently this means that Sasha Pavlovic’s value will rise. But why? After watching the playoffs, he really wasn’t a factor in any of the series’. He’s a blessed man for being a part of LeBron’s and even Daniel Gibson’s heroics. From here, he does bring the experience of being in the finals to any team. But how valuable is a guy who barely contributed? He lacked consistency! How can you lack consistency in the NBA finals? This is why the Pistons parted way with Carlos Delfino, as he wasn’t providing efficiently on a nightly basis, and now they’re aiming for a solid replacement for Tayshaun Prince. If I’m Pavlovic’s agent, I’m thinking jackpot! I have a client who barely performed and is still going to get a raise! That’s when you know there’s a flaw in the system. The Cavs are much better off trying to get Mo Peterson. This guy can create and bring a more CONSISTENT look to the Cleveland offense. I hope Danny Ferry will have the balls to recognize this and make the right move!


Can Pavlovic hit shots with his eyes closed? I don’t think so!!