Alright, so Kevin Garnett might be a Celtic. Firstly…wow!  Did any of you seriously see this coming?  It quite possibly will go through today.  I hope it does.  The fans and the league need this.  I need this!  Okay, so lets take a closer look.  The deal mostly comes down to KG and Al Jefferson.  Sure, Gerald Green might turn into a decent player in best case scenario, or he could be the next Fred Jones.  Sebastian Telfair…meh?  Theo Ratliff’s career is practically over, so as I said, it comes down to Al Jefferson.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Al Jefferson is going to be a star.  Mark my words, he will!  But what it really comes down to, is whether he will be the next KG?  Not even the slightest chance.  KG is in a league of his own.  With the Celtics, he’d actually have a legitimate chance to win a championship, where before, I already considered him one of the greatest players in league history that never won a championship.  Can you ever see Al Jefferson reaching this level?  Most will argue he is still young, which is fair.  But lets be practical.  It’s not happening, and the Celtics will come out on top of this trade.  Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett….wow!

With these three guys, anything less than a championship would be a dissappointment