Marion Is Kind Of An Idiot

September 28, 2007


Shawn Marion really is kind of an idiot.  In case you’ve been on vacation this past week, Shawn Marion has publicly announced that he wants out of Phoenix.  Yes, this is the same place and team that holds Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire.  Why you might ask?  Pretty much because Marion’s not getting any love.  It sounds to me like he used to be an attention kid growing up.  Why would he ever ask to be off a team that is soooo close to a championship?  After signing Grant Hill, the Suns seem like a front runner, more so than ever to win the west.  In a weird way, I understand where Marion is coming from.  He doesn’t receive very much credit for his production.  His numbers speak volumes, yet the first two names when mentioning Phoenix is Steve and Amare.  He’s nearly the Alfred to the Batman and Robin tandem (okay, not that extreme).  But at the end of the day, Marion will likely be traded to a team that isn’t in half as good as a position as the Suns are.  It’s just not worth it to move.  If his ultimate goal is to win a championship, he would stay with Phoenix.  If he does get traded, I would expect his numbers to actually decrease.  Marion is a guy that is not a first option in an offense.  Rather, he gets his points and rebounds off of loose balls.  He picks up the garbage.  Without Steve Nash driving the lane, he won’t be as open.  As well, Amare pulls defenses onto him, often creating open looks for Marion cutting into the lane.  With any other team, these type of points and boards won’t be gained.  I think he needs to take a step back and look at the big picture.  He’s still young (ish), making a boat load of money, and might possibly win a championship this year.  Why Leave?!?!  What An Idiot.


Alright, so now the Canadian national team will include Dalembert, Rick Fox, Nash, Leo Rautins and Me.  Okay, all is a lie.  Firstly, Rautins is the Olympic team head coach.  Seconly, what ever happened to Rick Fox?  I remember him having a crazy good season with Boston and then kinda just hopped on the Laker boat to the championships.  I never made it past junior high school ball, and Steve Nash will just never play for team Canada anymore.  But now Dalembert.  This part is true!  After just receiving his Canadian citizenship (formerly from Haiti), Dalembert has declared that he wants to play for Team Canada.  This is phenomenal news for the team and the country.  There is now another basketball figure to look up to for all the younger aspiring ball players.  Before, it was just Nash, and Nash is an excellent example of a great Canadian role model.  The way I see Dalembert is that he can be a great role model for all ball players too, but more so for the big guys.  He is starting to prove himself in the 76ers (weak) lineup.  Just like Kobe, its time to start putting some legitimate pieces around Dalembert and bring the gold home!